Ukrainian Defense Ministry tests new model of bulletproof vest —

Ukrainian Defense Ministry tests new model of bulletproof vest —

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is conducting laboratory research on a new model of lightweight body armor. This bulletproof vest is characterized by its light construction, mobility and ease of maneuverability during attacks and special operations.

Points to note

  • The new body armor model for the Armed Forces stands out with its lightness and mobility, allowing to carry out maneuvering actions in the conditions of offensive operations.
  • The bulletproof vest, made of reinforced ceramic composite materials, provides class 6 protection and can be equipped with additional elements to increase security.
  • A bulletproof vest specifically for women has also been tested and has anatomically appropriate construction solutions that provide excellent protection for female personnel in the Armed Forces.
  • The Ukrainian Defense Minister plans to deliver new body armor to military units after successful completion of laboratory tests.
  • The development and testing of new body armor models is an important step in improving the safety of soldiers and the effectiveness of their combat missions.

Ministry of Defense tests new model of bulletproof vest

The model was tested at the intelligence school of the Airborne Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and received positive feedback. Currently, the final stage – laboratory tests – is underway.

We understand the importance of equipment weight in combat missions, especially for special forces and attack aircraft. When working on lightweight body armor, every centimeter and every gram of the product was taken into account. We are waiting for the positive results of the final tests, because this armor is necessary for the units.

Dmytro Klymenkov

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine

The new body armor is made of reinforced ceramic composite materials that protect class 6. The grille size varies from S to XL in two trim levels, while weights vary from 10.5 kg to 17.5 kg in modular models.

The body armor has a quick-release function and can be equipped with additional elements: neck and shoulder protection, shoulder pads, groin protection, tactical discharge belt, coccyx protection, hip protection and buoyancy elements. Special anatomical pads are provided for women.

The product includes separate pockets and removable damper tabs for soft and hard ballistic protection. After laboratory tests are completed

body armors will be transferred to the Armed Forces.

Ukrainian women’s bulletproof vest passed a new phase of testing

The Ministry of Defense approved the second sample of bulletproof vest for female soldiers. It was developed at the company “Temp — 3000”.

If in the first certified sample from the “Ukrainian Armor” the armor plate had a curved shape outward, then in the company “Temp — 3000” women’s body armor was equipped with shock absorbers. They will help to adjust the body armor to the anatomical features of each woman. The message states that in total there are three pads of different sizes in the set.

Also, to protect the groin area, the manufacturer has developed an additional bag with a soft ballistic bag.

Women’s body armor has the same ballistic properties as men’s.