Mirantis upgrades OpenStack distribution with performance and AI optimizations

Mirantis upgrades OpenStack distribution with performance and AI optimizations

Mirantis Inc. today announced MOSK 24.2, the latest version of its Kubernetes-powered OpenStack distribution.

Mirantis, based in Campbell, California, sells software to manage cloud and on-premises infrastructure. In addition to its OpenStack distribution, the company develops Lens Desktop, a popular tool for configuring Kubernetes clusters. Its software portfolio also spans several other product categories, including cybersecurity.

MOSK, the focus of today’s product update, is a type of operating system for powering on-premises infrastructure. The software combines OpenStack’s infrastructure management with Kubernetes. According to Mirantis, the latter framework is used to facilitate tasks such as downloading updates and recovering from failures.

MOSK 24.2 adds two main improvements. The first is a load balancer, Distributed Resource Balancer, that Mirantis says will make its OpenStack distribution a more competitive alternative to VMware LLC’s vSphere. The second major change is that the new 24.2 release is based on OpenStack Caracal, the latest major release of the upstream platform.

Production OpenStack clusters typically consist of a large number of servers. With the new Distributed Resource Balancer in MOSK 24.2, a company can automatically distribute workloads across servers in a cluster. Mirantis likens the tool to the Distributed Resource Scheduler feature in vSphere, VMware’s flagship virtualization platform.

Automating the task of distributing workloads across servers solves two challenges.

First, it avoids so-called hotspots, or situations where some servers in a cluster run more workload than they can manage, while other machines run little or none at all. Mirantis says its new load balancer also addresses what’s called the noisy neighbor problem. This phenomenon occurs when two workloads distributed to the same overloaded server overlap with each other.

“MOSK is a viable and proven open source-based technology option that is particularly relevant as many VMware users look for alternatives,” said Shaun O’Meara, Chief Technology Officer at Mirantis. “It is designed as an ideal host environment for migrating VMware VM workloads, enabling enterprises to achieve optimal resource management and network performance on open infrastructure with proven reliability.”

The latest MOSK release is based on OpenStack Caracal, a new version of the upstream platform that was released in April. The latest update introduced several enhancements, including a number of features designed to optimize AI workloads.

According to OpenStack maintainers, Caracal adds bug fixes that will allow applications to use graphics processing units more efficiently. The release also includes a tool called the vGPU live migration tool. Administrators can use it to move AI workloads from one GPU server to another without interruption.

There are a few situations where the ability to move an application between servers is useful. If a vulnerability is found in a server’s operating system, OpenStack’s vGPU live migration tool can temporarily park the server’s workloads on a secure machine while administrators download a patch. Migrating applications is also necessary when the hardware they run on experiences a failure.

MOSK combines the core features of OpenStack with two other open source technologies: Ceph and OVN. Ceph is a storage management tool that can hold data in the form of blocks, objects, and files. OVN provides networking capabilities to move data between workloads in an OpenStack cluster.

Image: Mirantis

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