The brand that turns your phone into a stylish accessory: ‘So many compliments’

The brand that turns your phone into a stylish accessory: ‘So many compliments’

Owning a mobile phone was never just about the convenience of making and receiving calls while on the go.

Nowadays, they have become an integral part of our lives and also an important fashion accessory.

Phone accessories for every personality. (Credit: Louve Collection Phone accessories)

The type of phone you have, how you carry it, Accessories you use with it – all these things say something about your personality.

Phone accessory trends From Hello Kitty stickers to flip phone cases, many things have come and gone, and some are probably better left in the past!

But phone accessories that keep your stuff safe Classic and elegant In fact, it will never go out of fashion.

Stylish and functional. (Credit: Louve Collection)

This is a corner of the market Australian accessories brand Louve mastered it all with its rich leather phone cases and elegantly designed charging stations Essential style extensions for your phone.

From connected phone wallets Cross straps elegantly designed AirPods casescool screensavers and phone suction plates – so you can take perfect selfies – Louve’s range of phone accessories has something for everyone.

Not to mention the security of ownership Your phone is attached to you with a crossbody strap or secure wrist strapt – Forever eliminating the fear of accidentally leaving your phone in a store or supermarket and never seeing it again (we’ve all had that, right?)

The perfect accessory (Credit: Louve Collection)

Shoppers are drawn to Louve because it offers a luxurious look without the exorbitant price tag of big international luxury designer brands.

A Stylish Daisy Pearl and gold bracelet phone casefor example, when it was sold for $90, Stylish green case with leather and nylon crossbody strap Starting at $104.

These products allow you to keep your phone with you while also offering hands-free functionality – a combination of practicality and smart design that style-conscious shoppers appreciate.

“In love with my new phone case and bracelet,” raved one buyer.

“Now I know what gifts my friends and sisters got!”

You can also get the one with long straps. (Credit: Louve Collection)

Another customer said she gets “so many compliments” every time she wears her Louve accessories.

”Mine Louve Collection Phone Case and Strap “This is the best thing I’ve gotten this year,” another fan wrote.

”Being a busy mother and teacher, I’m always on the go, so now I can always carry my phone with me.

”This product is a life saver.”

”I love phone cases and cables” said another.

”I actually bought three different models!

Choose your style (Credit: Louve Collection)

”I wear mine every day, for walks on the beach, to the supermarket, at work, everywhere.

”It’s especially useful since most of my clothes don’t have pockets.

”I highly recommend it!”

Match it to your outfit (Credit: Louve Collection)

The company was founded by Dutch-born, Australian duo Lucia and Nadie.

”Our journey began with a simple idea: revolutionizing the way women interact with technologyThe duo made the following statement on their website:

“In a world where technology is often underestimated and overlooked, we saw an opportunity to seamlessly combine fashion and functionality.

”At Louve, we believe your phone accessories should be an extension of your personal style, keeping you connected while enhancing your look.”