Ford Endeavour Not Coming to India » MotorOctane

Ford Endeavour Not Coming to India » MotorOctane

After months of spy photos and speculations, we can confirm that the Ford Endeavour SUV will not be coming to India. Instead, the American manufacturer has decided to launch the new SUV in India as the Ford Everest. So why? We find out.
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Ford Everest: Why?

A source close to Autocar India has confirmed that Ford will bring the Endeavour to India but will rebrand it to be sold as the Ford Everest. According to the report, Ford India decided to use the Endeavour badge in India as the Everest name has been trademarked by another entity in the country. However, now that Ford has bought the rights to the name, it will be resuming its journey in India with the Everest SUV.

Additionally, the Everest model name will help Ford strengthen its image as a global SUV manufacturer. Considering that Ford plans to sell a limited number of CBU models upon re-entry, the new name will be a cost-saving for the company as new badges and nameplates for the model will allow it to be imported directly from other RHD markets without investing in localization.

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Ford India Local Production

Currently, Ford India has not shared any plans to start local manufacturing in India. The brand will restart its India journey with CBU models until its EV strategy is determined. This could mean late 2025 or 2026 before Ford officially starts manufacturing in India. The company cancelled the sale of its facility outside Chennai, where it planned to manufacture EVs for the local and export markets late last year.

Recent rumors have also suggested that Ford is considering a partnership with an Indian manufacturer for technology sharing and production of hybrid and electric vehicles. While no deal has been officially signed or announced, industry sources suggest that Tata Motors is a leading contender.

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Ford Everest: Spy Shots and Design Trademarks

News of Ford’s re-entry first emerged in January 2024, when the company filed design patents for the Everest. Ford then began hiring engineers at its manufacturing facility outside Chennai. More recently, the first CBU models of the Everest were spotted in transit near the company’s facility, confirming its re-entry into India.

While Ford has not officially announced its plans to re-enter India, we expect the CBU Ford Everest to be launched in India before the end of 2024, with local production beginning in 2026. We expect the Everest to be priced between Rs 60 lakh and Rs 70 lakh (ex-showroom).

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