Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 7 Review | The Truth Revealed

Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 7 Review | The Truth Revealed

In the penultimate episode of The Acolyte, we learn what really happened to Brendok all those years ago.

Spoiler alert! These reviews will be spoiler-free for the week in question, but will cover previous episodes in detail.

The whole Assistant Priest It all comes down to a big secret: what exactly happened to Brendok 16 years ago?

We saw half of the story in episode 3, which showed the coven of space witches known as the Night Sisters. This is Mae and Osha’s family, and we also learned that Mae wanted to stop Osha from going with the Jedi, so she started a devastating fire.

Episode 7, directed by South Korean filmmaker Kogonada, gives us the full picture, like Episode 3. We won’t spoil the nuances of this reveal, but let’s just say we don’t learn anything particularly new — or at least, nothing we didn’t already expect.

But the episode does give us a better understanding of Sol as a character and paints him in a slightly new light. That was something I particularly liked about this episode, even if I was disappointed as a whole. If you promise a big reveal, you have to keep it and deliver on it. Episode 7 doesn’t do that.

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At least we get more from Master Indara (Carrie-Ann Moss), Kelnacca (Joonas Suotamo), and Torbin (Dean-Charles Chapman), as well as a bunch of little Star Wars references. The group is on Brendok to investigate a convergence—a particularly high concentration of the Force somewhere. The Jedi believe Brendok to be uninhabited, which is a reference to the Great Hyperspace Disaster.

When the Jedi later test Mae and Osha’s blood, Torbin refers to their “M-number.” This is, of course, their midi-chlorian number, The Phantom Menace.You can test Force sensitivity from a person’s blood, which seems useful, but the concept was largely rejected by fans.

This episode, more than its predecessors, tries to turn things around a bit and show that the Jedi can be so blinded by their need to protect that they are willing to do anything to achieve their goals. Sol, in particular, is presented as someone with a strong need to save Osha, so much so that it leads him to do more harm than good.

It’s nice to see the witches return, and Jodie Turner-Smith as Mother Aniseya is a particularly welcome presence. In fact, I’d be much more keen on a series that follows the witches and their traditions and use of the Force. Kogonada has transformed them into mysterious, slightly dangerous beings in her two episodes, and they definitely left us wanting more.

I repeat myself, but I still don’t know where next week’s finale is going. The central conflict is vague, muddled, and downright boring. Episode 6 hinted that Osha might turn to the dark side and embrace the darkness Qimir (Manny Jacinto) offers her once she learns what really happened in Brendok.

There is still so much potential Assistant Priestbut it suffers from poor writing and an inability to create a believable, compelling mystery. I try to go into each episode with an open mind, and I will do so next week, but the series continues to disappoint me. I’m hoping next week’s finale is at least strong enough to partially save an otherwise unbalanced series.

Assistant Priest The series is currently streaming on Disney+, with the final episode set to air next Wednesday.

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