Sennheiser Unveils TeamConnect Bars for Zoom Rooms

Sennheiser Unveils TeamConnect Bars for Zoom Rooms

Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Bars (TC Bars) are certified for use in Zoom Rooms.

Described by the German audio equipment manufacturer as an ‘all-in-one’ video conferencing device, TC Bars are designed to meet modern hybrid meeting standards.

Our video bar options include options for small to medium-sized meeting rooms and collaboration spaces, and integrate with high-quality audio and 4K Ultra HD video.

Charlie Jones, Global Alliances and Partnerships Manager, Sennheisercommented on the new certification: “We are excited that our TeamConnect Bars are now Certified for Zoom Rooms.

“Zoom Rooms is a great addition to the modern workplace, providing flexible and reliable solutions for hybrid meetings.

“Our new TeamConnect Bars deliver superior audio and video quality, enhancing the overall meeting experience and ensuring seamless integration with Zoom Rooms.”

Sennheiser TC Sticks

TC Bars enhances the Zoom Rooms experience by ensuring participants are seen and heard effectively.

Additionally, integration with Zoom Rooms helps enable flexible and scalable hybrid work environments, whether users choose to join from home, the office, or other remote locations.

Sennheiser describes Zoom as one of the leading collaboration and video conferencing platforms that aims to keep innovation and customer needs at the forefront.

We’re also seeing offices identify and respond to hybrid work challenges in different ways, with IT managers building out spaces with video conferencing solutions that can cater to all types of meetings.

They also need audiovisual and unified communications solutions that can deliver consistently positive collaboration experiences, including TC Bars’ simple setup process.

Sennheiser’s certification shows that TC Bars can be used to achieve high standards of hybrid meeting communication and collaboration, while also

The newest member of the Sennheiser TeamConnect Family, TC Bars are offered in two models: TeamConnect Bar S and TeamConnect Bar M.

The ‘TC Bar S’ has four microphones and two speakers, making it ideal for small meeting rooms.

Meanwhile, the ‘TC Bar M’ has six microphones and four speakers and is ideal for medium-sized meeting rooms. As plug-and-play devices, TC Bars allow users to quickly set up and start meetings via a USB connection.

Beamforming technology, also used in TeamConnect Ceiling solutions, allows speakers to move around the room during a speech and presenters to transition seamlessly.

TC Bar’s stereo speakers make it easy to understand participants, while its videos also feature advanced AI features like auto-framing and people tiling.

For added scalability, TC Bars feature a built-in Dante port for extension microphones and the option to add an external USB camera for increased coverage if required. Multiple mounting options are available, and the Sennheiser Control Cockpit can also provide remote management to simplify integration.

Sennheiser summarises its TeamConnect Bar solutions on its product page as follows: “Whether you are a large or small business, our video conferencing solutions can meet your needs.

“By investing in our video conferencing solutions, you can ensure smooth, productive and engaging meetings for all participants.

“Experience the difference with our video conferencing solutions today.”

Sennheiser announced earlier this month that its TeamConnect Bars have been certified for Microsoft Teams.