Bionic Woman (1976): Part 2 Review

Bionic Woman (1976): Part 2 Review

Bionic Woman In episode 2, the OSI case files are opened and details of Jaime Sommers’ first successful solo mission are revealed.

Creative: Kenneth Johnson
Type: Adventure, Superhero
Number of seasons: 3
Part 2 Release Date: January 21, 1976
Where you can watch: Open digital and VOD

Bionic Woman Chapter 2 (“Welcome, Jaime: Part Two”) continues where the previous episode left off – Carlton Harris (Dennis Patrick), who Jaime (Lindsay Wagner) and Steve (Lee Majors) had previously angered The Six Million Dollar Man (1973), seems to be out for revenge.

He’s staging car crashand films Jaime using his bionic powers to save a fake victim from the wreckage, then cuts Jaime’s brakes and films him using his bionic powers to avoid hitting a fallen tree.

However, in a short time all these records It didn’t help to find a way to get revenge on Jaimebut really just to make a few movies for Harris to watch, to further convince himself that Jaime would be a great acquisition for his shady criminal enterprises, and to suggest that he should try to recruit her.

While discussing this outcome with Oscar (Richard Anderson), Jaime comes up with a brilliant idea. playing a double agentInfiltrate Harris’ organization and eventually gather enough information on the man for the OSI to put him in jail. And why not? I’m sure he can handle it. A chance to prove to Oscar (and any conservative American man in the 70s sitting in front of the box with a beer after dinner) that Jaime Sommers doesn’t need the Six Million Dollar Man’s intervention. Jaime is as talented as Mr. Steve Austinand I am willing to go out for some OSI approved assignments.

And, wouldn’t you know it? That’s exactly what happened. As much as I was for the drama in Jaime’s first appearances and in episode 1, I can’t use that drama however I want. Dive headfirst into your bionic-powered spy show Besides, it’s totally fine with me. I’m sitting comfortably, taking notes, having a good time. All I need now is a sweaty cardigan and a better haircut, and my impression of an unemployed 1970s wannabe TV critic will be totally perfect.

A scene from the second episode of The Bionic Woman (1976) (A B C)

So Harris “hires” Jaime to steal some stuff for him, but the OSI loses contact with him pretty quickly. blood pressure central Bionic Woman Episode 2 isn’t one of the more common (and more transparent) double-agent plots: Will Jaime fall for Harris’ money, will he hide more information from the OSI or Carlton? No. Instead, it’s a thriller Harris’s child Donald (Kip Niven) – a recent law student. Realizing that Jaime is a spy, will Donald turn him in to his father and become a total criminal, or will he team up with Jaime and become a total good guy?

It then becomes clear that the Harris boys develop individual talents almost immediately. Admiration for Jaimewhich I sincerely hope doesn’t become a regular thing. While it’s potentially realistic that every new guy assumes she’s a romantic interest, seeing it in fiction is almost as frustrating as experiencing it in reality, I’m sure.

But the primary release of air from this state, which I call “central tension,” means that this is very well known. inevitable episodic structure settles in here and nothing major is going to happen, because this is only episode 2. It’s an inevitable problem. So, what’s the solution? There have to be some risks, but our hero is loaded with plot armor. It’s too early to kill any of Jaime’s loved ones or blow up his hometown, you know?

But based on Jaime Sommers’ productions so far, I think the writers understand that. My guess is they’re leaning more towards ‘television drama’ than ‘female superhero.’ Like, maybe one of the kids in Jaime’s school class needs a mother figure, or maybe the OSI asks Jaime to move out, something like that. Regardless, that’s the main reason I keep watching now – I’m curious to see what direction the creators were going in ’76, now the wheels are turning.

Part 2 Bionic Woman can now be watched digitally and on demand.

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