Noah Basketball and Joe Gibbs Human Performance

Noah Basketball and Joe Gibbs Human Performance

Athens, Alabama, July 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Noah Basketball’s industry-leading shot-tracking technology is now installed in a new research lab at the Joe Gibbs Human Performance Institute in Huntersville, North Carolina. The lab is equipped with a basketball gym with more than 40 high-speed motion capture cameras on the floor and more than 80 three-axis force plates, making it a first-of-its-kind facility. The new facility will give athletes the opportunity to shoot basketballs in a regular gym environment while compiling the data needed to create accurate and comprehensive models to understand what drives the perfect shot.

The Joe Gibbs Human Performance Institute’s deep understanding of kinematic and kinetic data collection combined with Noah Basketball’s shot-tracking technology expertise will answer questions that every basketball player, coach, and NBA front office executive has wanted to know for decades. Why are some players great shooters and why do some players struggle to shoot? All the basketball shooting answers will soon be revealed. This is the first time Noah’s proprietary high-resolution shooting measurements have been combined with fully automated motion capture, providing near real-time analysis of a player’s shooting mechanics.

“We are excited to continue to revolutionize basketball and sports technology with this partnership,” said Noah Basketball CEO John Carter. “Together, Noah Basketball and the Joe Gibbs Human Performance Institute will be able to answer long-awaited questions such as what joint angles and movement mechanics are optimal for shooting and, conversely, what mechanics lead to poor shooting. A complex performance optimization problem that we are excited to solve.”

“By combining technology from the Joe Gibbs Human Performance Institute with Noah Basketball’s technology, we are unlocking the power of big data and analytics for every basketball player,” said Matt Osborn, Laboratory Director of the Joe Gibbs Human Performance Institute. “Together, we are excited to provide a comprehensive understanding of what mechanics lead to better shooting and how a player can improve to shoot more. We look forward to applying what we have learned about movement mechanics in NASCAR and other sports to basketball. We are proud to be at the forefront of sports science and performance optimization through this partnership.”

Installed in NBA practice facilities across the country, the Noah Shooting System tracks all shots taken in practice rooms, providing key shot metrics such as shot arc, left/right position and depth. The system also provides instant verbal feedback to help players develop muscle memory for optimal shot trajectory. With sensors positioned above the rim, the Noah Shooting System captures the ball’s position 30 times per second and analyzes its flight path, allowing players to identify where they missed. Data is shared via Noah Basketball’s user-friendly cloud-based platform, Noahlytics, which can be filtered by shot length, shot type, player name, court placement, on- and off-hits, and more.

For more information about Noah Basketball, the Joe Gibbs Human Performance Institute, the new facility, or to schedule an interview, please contact Katie Evers at [email protected]. Photos of the facility can be found here.

About Noah Basketball

Noah Basketball is a data service provider that uses machine learning and cutting-edge computer vision technology to provide real-time data and feedback to improve shooting accuracy and consistency for professional and amateur basketball teams. The company is armed with years of research and data from over half a billion shots taken by players at every level of the game and has a large install base that includes hundreds of college teams and 28 NBA teams. Noah Basketball products, using over 40 issued patents, provide a significant way for players to take more shots.

In addition to Noah Shooting System installations at hoops across the country, Noah Basketball is also providing unique, real-time graphical elements to enhance game broadcasts. Most recently, Noah Basketball worked with Microsoft, CBS and the BIG3 to provide never-before-seen real-time graphical elements and animations for BIG3 broadcasts. Noah Basketball’s consumer app, HOOPS, gives players a coach at their fingertips and the opportunity to practice like the pros and play virtual games against other players across the country in front of their own home turf. The HOOPS app is available for download on the App Store.

Noah Basketball also recently introduced a new, affordable and easy-to-install product for professional-level shooting analytics focused on the middle and high school markets.

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About the Joe Gibbs Human Performance Institute

The Joe Gibbs Human Performance Institute is a biomechanical engineering research facility that continually strives to better understand the fundamentals of human movement to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

JGHPI aims to revolutionize measuring human movement by developing innovative data collection systems and gaining better insights faster using pioneering machine learning, computer vision, and digital motion analysis approaches.

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  • Joe Gibbs Human Performance Lab with Noah Basketball

  • Noah Basketball Springboard at Joe Gibbs Human Performance Lab