Tobias Myers, Frankie Montas and Luis Severino

Tobias Myers, Frankie Montas and Luis Severino

Let’s take a look at Wednesday’s likely starters who are commonly found in fantasy leagues and have good matchups.

Despite a full slate of games, Wednesday is a light day for broadcasters. That’s not to say there aren’t any good matchups — there are plenty of bad offensive teams, of course. Instead, many of these situations are enjoyed by pitchers already in multiple fantasy leagues.

Two guys don’t really fit that description but are worth checking out: and . Both have good matchups (A’s and Rays respectively) but are in about 75% of the leagues. They’re probably already on a team, but keep an eye on your free agents in case your league mates missed them.

Here’s a look at Wednesday’s likely starters (According to are players that are common in fantasy leagues and have good matchups and generate streaming value. Most stats and rankings are taken from: MLBFull publisher rankings are listed at the bottom.

Cincinnati Reds-Colorado Rockies

It’s easy to say that Colorado only hits well when their home field is there for them. And it’s true. Rockies hitters are in the top 10 in runs scored, hits, batting average, on-base percentage, batting percentage and OPS, and are just four home runs away from the top 10 in home games. They’re in the bottom 10 in all those categories in road games. This game is in Cincinnati, and it’s a big boost for Montas.

Montas is slightly below average in terms of strikeout rate and walk rate, which are the exact opposites of his career numbers. He’s 31 and coming off a missed season, so it’s reasonable to assume he’ll never reach his peak again. But his last three starts have been positive, as he’s allowed five runs in 17 innings. Montas’ 13 strikeouts and seven walks during that span aren’t enough, but they’re on the broadcast radar.

Montas is a mid-level broadcaster. He has the advantage of playing the game away from Coors Field, and the Rockies have the third-most strikeouts of any team, regardless of location.

Milwaukee Brewers – Pittsburgh Pirates

Myers has an average or better strikeout rate, walk rate and ERA in his rookie season (64 innings). His last two starts against the Cubs and Colorado were poor (seven runs on 12 hits), but his previous four starts totaled 24.1 innings, only eight runs allowed and 18 strikeouts to go with six walks.

Pittsburgh offers a chance to bounce back with one of the weakest rosters in the league. They rank in the bottom 10 in offensive statistics and fifth in most batters allowed. He has been the starter in most of the team’s recent games; he is 37 years old and has a .225 batting average on the season.

Myers is a mid- to high-level streamer here. His league-average hitting effort gives him a nice floor and ceiling, and Pittsburgh’s offensive struggles provide a chance for Myers to break out big in this game.

New York Mets-Washington Nationals

Severino has struck out close to 200 times over the last two seasons, which is proving to be a below-average strikeout pitcher at this point. His career K rate is over 25%, which is a great mark, but age seems to have sapped some of that talent, lowering his ceiling in both fantasy and real baseball.

Washington has a below-average offense, but they’re not in the basement like so many teams that come here often. The only area where they really fall behind is power, where they rank 29th in home runs, 26th in slugging percentage and 25th in OPS. While hitting for power isn’t the only way a team can be successful, the Nationals don’t have enough good hitters to consistently hit and score runs at a high rate.

Severino is a low to mid-level streamer. This matchup isn’t bad, and Severino losing his strikeout magic caps his ceiling, especially against a team like Washington that ranks in the bottom 10 in strikeout KS.

Wednesday Publisher Rankings

  1. Tobias Myers, Mother-in-Law
  2. Frankie Montas, CIN
  3. Luis Severino, New York

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