New pool device uses AI to prevent drownings – NBC 6 South Florida

New pool device uses AI to prevent drownings – NBC 6 South Florida

A new device that uses an underwater camera and warning system to prevent drownings has changed the life of a Florida mother who later became a swimming safety advocate.

Sophia Brizeus She talks to parents and schools about water safety, especially when it comes to young children.

“I like people to know the dangers, because water can be fun, but you also have to be safe around water,” Brizeus said. “Drowning is silent. It’s not like in the movies where you just wave your arms around.”

It’s a painful lesson he’s reminded of every year around this time.

Her daughter, Soraya Stevens, drowned in the family swimming pool while at a family gathering in July 2018. She was 23 months old.

“We were at my mom’s house. It was Sunday,” Brizeus said. “I just heard screams, and when I went outside, Soraya was already lying on the floor and one of my sisters was giving her CPR.”

A little girl drowned a week before she was due to start her first swimming lesson.

That’s the kind of tragedy that the creators of a new AI-powered pool alarm say could happen at any moment. So they created MYLO, a device that acts as a virtual lifesaver.

“He has the eyes of a lifeguard,” said Jonathan Jacobovitz, a spokesman for Coral Smart Pool, the company that sells the product. “He has the brain of a lifeguard.”

The device sends text alerts when someone approaches or enters the pool. It also sounds an alarm in the pool and in the house if someone appears to be drowning.

“The essence of the device is to give you another layer of security,” Jacobovitz said.

But of course, it doesn’t replace existing safety rules, such as fencing off swimming pools and appointing a “water warden” to supervise swimmers.

Florida Department of Children and Families 64 children reported drowned in the state this year.

Last year, 99 people drowned.

As painful as it is to talk about, Brizeus says telling the story of loss is worth it if it helps save one life.

“If my story is what saves a family from the tragedy I experience every day, I believe Soraya’s death was not in vain,” she said.