Best Accessories for Maximum Stats in Type Soul

Best Accessories for Maximum Stats in Type Soul

Accessories in Type Soul aren’t just cosmetic pieces; they offer stat boosts and can improve your character’s stats. But to get the most out of them, you need to know what items to look for. Here are the best accessories in Type Soul.

List of Best Type Soul Accessories

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To make things easier for you, we’ve separated accessories by type. This way, you can focus on the items you need to reach maximum stats for your character. Accessories are usually found as boss drops from raids, but you can trade them or buy them for Robux. Combine awesome accessories with some of the best essences in Type Soul to maximize your chances in PvP battles.

Best Headwear in Type Soul

Cat ears

Cat Ears are cute, but the fashion statement is secondary here. A beautiful 5% Defense bonus And 15 HealthWith these privileges, you will have more protection and look very stylish.

Barak Crown

The Baraq Diadem is a great headgear even if it has been nerfed, but players are unhappy with the current state of this item compared to its original stats.

  • 10 horsepower
  • 10 Reiatsu
  • 1.5% Defense
  • 0.5 Reiatsu regeneration

Best Face Accessories at Type Soul

Aizen’s Eyepatch

Aizen’s Eyepatch is a versatile Soul Reaper option for a defensive boost. You can obtain this item from a random boss drop.

  • 10 horsepower
  • 5 Postures
  • 10 Reiatsu

God’s Reward

God’s Prize has everything you would expect from a product with this name. You’ll get a little bit of everything, which is more than you could possibly want from a facial accessory.

  • 5 HP
  • 15 Reitsu
  • 1 Stance
  • 2% Reiatsu regeneration
  • 1% Defense

Aizen Eye Patch

  • 10 horsepower
  • 10 Reiatsu
  • 5 Postures

Best Neck Accessories in Type Soul

Star Necklace

The Star Necklace is one of the few neck accessories that offers more than just visuals. While it’s not life-changing, it will give you enough bonuses to improve your character’s most important stats.

  • 10 horsepower
  • 10 Reiatsu
  • 5 Postures

Best Arm Accessories at Type Soul

Siphon’s Ticker

Siphon’s Ticker is a great accessory, but it’s not as powerful as it used to be. Having said that, you’ll still get multiple bonuses to your stats. You’ll get this item through boss raids.

  • 10 horsepower
  • 5 Reiatsu
  • 1% Defense
  • 0.5% Meter gain

Mugetsu Wrap

The Mugetsu Wrap is a Legendary accessory that will provide you with additional protection. 5% Hierro resistance.Thanks to someone 5% Reduced meter drainyou will use your special attack more often.

Best Body Accessories on Type Soul

Terrifying Bone Armor

The Dread Bone Armor is arguably the best body accessory in Type Soul. The only reason it’s sold is because of a possible nerf, but until then, enjoy its great stats.

  • 12 horsepower
  • 5 Reiatsu
  • 5 Postures
  • 2% Defense
  • 2.5% Reiatsu regeneration

Winter coat

The Hibernal Coat body accessory maximizes your spiritual power and gives you 20 Reiatsu and one 15 Health bonus.

Saunders Cloak

Saunder Cloak is an excellent choice for Reiatsu boosting because 20 Reiatsu.Get an extra one 15 Health It’s a great bonus and gives you more combat safety.

Shunsui’s Kimono

Shunsui’s Kimono body accessory offers a balanced mix of stats to suit a variety of character types.

  • +10 Health
  • +10 Reitsu
  • +10 Stance
  • +3% Defense

Best Back Accessories at Type Soul

Anubis Cloak

The Anubis Cloak back accessory provides a balanced stat boost across three core attributes. Having 10 Reiatsu will make your abilities stronger, while 10 Stance and 10 HP will give you more protection.

White Honorable Cloak

White Honored Cloak is one of the best overall accessories in the game. With this item, you can get 10 HP, 1 Posture, 5% Defense, and 2% Reiatsu Recovery. You can obtain White Honored Cloak through Type Soul Clan Wars.

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