This $20 water bottle carrying case is the ultimate Stanley cup accessory

This  water bottle carrying case is the ultimate Stanley cup accessory


The Stanley water bottle craze shows no signs of abating. With each new color drop (how about that?) peony stanley cup!), The Stanley water bottle hype is growing. Now you can accessorize your Stanley water bottle, carry your Stanley with you more easily than ever before, and stay hydrated all day long.

We found this clever neoprene Stanley water bottle holder Amazon looking for mega retailer early Amazon Prime Day dealsWith adjustable straps, a straw holster, carabiner, and pockets, your cool Stanley water bottle becomes one of the most popular summer accessories of the year. Keep your hands free without missing a single sip from your summer hydration plan with this crossbody bag.

The best part? It’s only $20 on Amazon. Tap the button below to grab one now.

Dabria neoprene water bottle carrying case for Stanley cup


Whether you’re a die-hard Stanley collector or just discovered the iconic reusable water bottle, there’s no denying that the Stanley water bottle craze is here to stay. And for good reason. The Stanley isn’t just a trendy water bottle made famous by Tik Tok moms and teens. The Stanley is a well-crafted water bottle made of double-walled stainless steel that keeps your water cool. Stanley’s signature straw is expertly crafted to lock in place.

When you have your own Stanley, you want to take it everywhere. Yes, it’s important to get enough water every day — especially in the summer heat. But let’s face it, a Stanley water bottle is also fashionable. When you have a Stanley, request take it anywhere.

Dabria’s neoprene crossbody Stanley cup holder protects the exterior of your Stanley, keeping that precious peony color intact. It’s waterproof, lightweight, and has an adjustable shoulder strap that can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody. The icing on the water bottle cake is this Stanley accessory Includes a straw cap to keep your Stanley’s straw clean throughout the day.

You can purchase this Stanley accessory from Amazon for $20. It is available in 30-ounce and 40-ounce sizes.