Popular Streamer Cries After Graphic Images of Him Are Leaked Online

Popular Streamer Cries After Graphic Images of Him Are Leaked Online

Famous content creator Sketch broke down in tears while talking about the latest graphic leaked by OnlyFans.

The Twitch streamer, real name Kylie Cox, told her 1.1 million followers that she once starred in adult films for OnlyFans.

“I did some stuff two years ago,” Sketch explained of his OnlyFans content. “Sorry if you saw some of that stuff. Yeah, that was me. I f—ed up. I’m not doing it again.”

Sketch also said that he became a “changed person” after ending “a few” addictions, calling that phase of his life a “dark time.”

The popular content creator made a humorous comment about the situation, referencing President Bill Clinton’s initial denial of allegations of inappropriate contact with former White House staffer Monica Lewinksy.

“I didn’t have sex with that guy!” Sketch said jokingly. “I’m kidding, I did. … The cat’s out of the bag.”

Sketch Admits He’s Mentally Struggling After OnlyFans Leak

Although she may now make light of the situation, Sketch admitted that she went through a dark time when her OnlyFans footage was leaked.

He also said he fears he wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for his close friends and family who “saved him” from his dark thoughts, including fellow streaming content creator Faze.

“I’ll be honest, Plan A, and I’ll say it honestly, was probably eat something — I mean, probably give up if that came up,” Sketch said. “But some people saved me.”

“Hello Faze. Hello to my family. I messed up but I changed… The aftermath wasn’t a good plan. If I was alone and at home, I probably wouldn’t be talking right now.”

Sketch also admitted that the OnlyFans leak was a relief to her because she didn’t have any other “stuff” in her closet.

“I’ve been living under the threat of this coming out for about two years now,” he explained. “I’ll tell you what – it’s a weight off my shoulders.”

Another joked, Sketch said he thought he might abandon the content if the news came out, but now he’ll be taking inspiration from Kim Kardashian on how to deal with a sex tape scandal.

He added that he was planning to take a short break but could return to broadcasting as early as Wednesday, July 10.

Sketch is known for its music streaming From the material NFL video game. He has a huge following in the NFL and was even announced as one of the Houston Texans’ picks in last year’s NFL Draft.