Sketch aka Kylie Cox Comes Out As Gay OnlyFans Model! Sneako Slams Twitch Streamer Over XXX Gay Porn Scandal, But Kai Cenat, Tfue, McNasty, and FaZe Rug Support Her

Sketch aka Kylie Cox Comes Out As Gay OnlyFans Model! Sneako Slams Twitch Streamer Over XXX Gay Porn Scandal, But Kai Cenat, Tfue, McNasty, and FaZe Rug Support Her

Sketch aka Kylie Cox (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Sketch, aka Kylie Cox, is a well-known name in the Twitch community, and has always been a polarizing presence. She gained fame for her madden streams and outspoken, often vulgar language. But on July 8th, the hostility towards her took an unexpected turn. XXX photos and videos began circulating on Twitter claiming that Sketch had sex with other men on OnlyFans. Soon after, tweets on X (formerly Twitter) went viral, including phrases like “Sketch Exposed for Doing Gay Porn as Gay OnlyFans Model.” The authenticity of these images was hotly debated for hours, leaving the community in a state of speculation and uncertainty. Finally, Sketch addressed the situation directly during her July 8th stream. Sketch’s OnlyFans controversy prompted other streamers and YouTubers to voice their reactions. Kai Cenat, Tfue, McNasty, and FaZe Rug are supporting Sketch, while Sneako disagrees. He slammed the Twitch streamer and those who defended Sketch’s past actions.

With his unique outspoken attitude, The drawing confirmed the authenticity of the XXX images. “That was me,” she admitted to her viewers. “I did some things two years ago. I’m sorry if you saw some of that.” Sketch explained that she was at a different stage of her life when she created content for OnlyFans and has since described herself as a “changed person.” A clearly uncomfortable Sketch tried to lighten the mood with a joke, referencing Bill Clinton’s infamous denial during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. “I didn’t have sex with that guy,” Sketch joked, adding, “Just kidding, I did… maybe.”

Streamer Sketch Responds to Gay OnlyFans Model Rumors

Kylie Cox, better known by her Twitch alias “Sketch,” and known for her candid and often provocative content, confirmed rumors a few years ago that she had appeared in XXX videos shared on OnlyFans. Despite the tension, Sketch remained open and honest, admitting the authenticity of the XXX OnlyFans content. “The cat’s out of the bag,” she said, explaining that she was struggling with addiction issues at the time. “I was struggling with a few addiction issues,” she admitted. Throughout the stream, Sketch’s discomfort was palpable, but her determination to be transparent was evident.

Kai Cenat Comes Out in Support of Sketch

Jynxzi Supports Streamer Sketch in an Emotional Video

‘Gay or Not, He’s Still My Friend’ Tfue Posts About Skit Allegations

McNasty Feels Bad About Sketch

FaZe Rug Supports Sketch in Latest Tweet

Following this revelation, several prominent figures in the streaming community have come to Sketch’s defense, including McNasty, FaZe Rug, and Tfue, who have all publicly shown their support for Sketch. McNasty, in particular, has taken a strong stance against the esports community, criticizing its promotion of homophobia and toxic masculinity. He has expressed concern for Sketch’s career and well-being, emphasizing the need for a more inclusive and accepting environment.

But it is COMING OUT in Sneako Sketch..

FaZe Rug and Tfue also voiced their support, emphasizing the importance of standing with friends and colleagues during times of controversy. Their solidarity with Sketch has sparked conversations about acceptance and the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in the gaming and streaming communities.

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