Data Security, Mobile Data Security, Application Protection and RASP

Data Security, Mobile Data Security, Application Protection and RASP

Appdome Platform comes in first in highest satisfaction, ease of use, most likely to be recommended, and best support categories among all providers

SAN FRANCISCO, July 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Application domeAppdome, the one-stop shop for mobile app defense, today announced that it has been recognized as a market leader in four (4) new categories in G2, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace. Thanks to the strength of customer reviews, Appdome has earned six (6) new leader badges in G2 for Summer 2024, including:

  • Data Security Leader
  • Mobile Data Security Leader
  • Application Protection Leader
  • Application Protection Best Support
  • Runtime Application Security Protection (RASP) Leader
  • Users Love Us

“We are thrilled that our customers’ voices are being heard. G2 provides them with a great platform to share the value of Appdome,” said Jamie Bertasi, Chief Customer Officer, Appdome. “It’s clear that Appdome is a mobile defense leader, helping mobile brands and enterprises deliver better, broader, and stronger Android and iOS defenses with less work, time, effort, and expense.”

The Appdome Platform is the only full-lifecycle mobile app defense platform. It enables mobile brands and enterprises to centralize mobile defenses and leverage automation to easily deploy, monitor, and respond to any or all of 300+ mobile app defenses across Android and iOS apps. Appdome defense offerings are the most comprehensive in the industry and include mobile app security, anti-fakeanti-malware, anti-fraud, anti-bot, geo-compliance, social engineering, Mobile EDR, Mobile XDR and more, for any mobile app or mobile SDK – all code-free, no coding and inside the CI/CD pipeline. Appdome eliminates the cost and complexity of manually coding security, fake and compliance features enable mobile brands to confidently deliver secure mobile apps and SDKs faster and stay ahead of advanced threats from AI and other attack vectors.

“I’m especially thrilled by the ‘Users Love Us’ and ‘Most Likely to Recommend’ recognitions we’ve received from our customers,” said Tom Tovar, co-founder and CEO of Appdome. “Our mission is to protect every mobile app and user in the world, and I’m thrilled to see our customers greatly value our platform benefits like improved delivery, efficiency, agility, and defense time.”

Customers report significant value, ease of use, and quality of support using Appdome. For example, one customer in Defense & Space said, “Appdome significantly improves the security of our application with minimal effort and time investment,” while another in Mobile Retail said, “Strong security for mobile… lots of security features for mobile applications.” Customers in Information Technology & Services responded, “Lots of options, easy to add protection.”

“Businesses don’t need more manual work and need to act quickly to stay ahead of attackers,” said Brian Reed, SVP of Marketing at Appdome. “Appdome customers value Appdome’s ‘do more with less’ value proposition because everyone knows it works; it keeps the business running efficiently, and it works when you need to proactively stop attackers at their doorstep.”

Learn more about what real users are saying On the Appdome G2 review page.

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About Appdome
The Appdome mission is to protect all mobile apps worldwide and the people who use them in their lives and businesses. Appdome provides the mobile industry’s only Unified Mobile App Defense platform, powered by a patented mobile coding engine, Threat-Events Threat-Aware UX/UI Control, and ThreatScope Mobile XDR. Mobile brands using Appdome receive over 300 Certified Secure mobile app security, anti-malware, anti-virus, andfakeit easily provides anti-social engineering, mobile anti-bot, anti-cheat, geo-aware, MiTM attack prevention, code obfuscation, social engineering and other protections for Android and iOS apps within the mobile DevOps and CI/CD pipeline. Leading financial, healthcare, government and m-commerce brands use Appdome to protect Android and iOS apps, mobile customers and mobile businesses globally. Appdome is held by several patents, including U.S. Patents 9,934,017 B2, 10,310,870 B2, 10,606,582 B2, 11,243,748 B2, and 11,294,663 B2. Additional patents pending.

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