Honda Scooter Accessories You Must Have! » MotorOctane » News

Honda Scooter Accessories You Must Have! » MotorOctane » News

For many people, scooter means Honda. Here are some must-have Honda Scooter Accessories in India. All these accessories are available on the official Honda website and you can get them from the dealership.

Rubber Floor Mat

The rubber floor mat on your Honda scooter will make it easier to keep your scooter clean. You can easily remove and wash the floor mat. It also prevents the floor board from being scratched.

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Side Stand

Now if you have a scooter there is a time when a lady may decide to sit sideways. Adding this side stand that you see below can give her a solid place to put her feet.

Additionally, the side foot plate folds down when not in use, so it does not interfere with the design of the scooter.

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Seat covers

Adding a seat cover to your Honda Scooter will extend the life of the seat. It will also add to the comfort by providing additional cushioning.

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Most Honda Scooters do not have a front storage area in their design. Now, this may be because many Honda scooters come with a sidecar option. This is not a fully solid unit, but instead a steel tube mesh sidecar.

You can’t safely store your phone in there, but if you plan on going grocery shopping, this basket will come in handy.

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Honda Black Guard

Honda scooters are made of fiber or metal. If you have a Dio or Grazia, you should consider adding this Honda scooter accessory. The protector not only protects the scooter, but also makes the scooter look stylish.

The above mentioned Honda Scooter Accessories are really helpful when it comes to daily usage of the scooter. Let us know in the comment section which Honda Scooter you are using and what accessories are available on your scooter.

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