Transformers #10 review

Transformers #10 review

We’re back this month with another issue of Skybound and Daniel Warren Johnson’s mega-hit mecha. Transformers #10! Now in double digits, we’re in this for the long haul. Written by the aforementioned DWJ, with art by Jorge Corona and colored by Mike Spicer, this is another intense and unforgettable entry in this ongoing saga. Let’s get started.

Wow, so much has happened in this book. I’m feeling a little light-headed at how fast-paced it is – it’s hard to believe the opening chapter ended four issues ago. We’re right back in the thick of things, with Shockwave wasting NO time in bringing out the big guns. The stakes here are huge, as big as you can get with ALL of CYBERTRON being pulled into Earth orbit. Oh my God, man, this is like… a big shot, like the end of a season of a TV or movie trilogy, and it’s not even been a year since the book. It’s almost criticize book and tell him to slow the hell down a bit, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy all of it. The scope of the plot here is ambitious, to say the least — it certainly surpasses the glacial pace of the classic Marvel series and the relatively slow-burning early years of IDW’s long tenure. What’s next, Unicron in issue #20? Well, I can’t say I’m mad about that, so… hey, if the t-cog fits.

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Towards the sky

On the characterization side, this is an equally rich show. The opening sequence with Beachcomber instantly endeared me to a character I’d been neutral on for most of my robot-loving life, not uncommon for many with the new Transformers media, so I’m glad to be able to gain some appreciation for such an overlooked and lovable little guy. Astrotrain remains a hilarious killer and a source of apologies, even if he only gets one or two lines, but oh my goodness that sequence with Shockwave and Soundwave. You KNOW Shockwave’s transistors are going to be handed to him hard when he’s about to scrap Ravage; Starscream injured just to kick the big tape cat, so I know for a fact this is going to end badly. It was also nice to see Optimus and Elita get some little moments of drama, considering the characters’ long history of being connected (romantic or otherwise), which makes it even worse how bad Optimus feels with everything going wrong around him. Pleasantly tragic stuff, big fan.

Towards the sky

Corona’s art is also firing on all cylinders, with some sublime and gorgeous pages full of detail, and perfectly showing the Cybertronians’ fascination with nature – literal as in Beachcomber, or twisted and malevolent as in Shockwave. Watching that poor whale start getting sucked into that contraption is just… ugh. It’s painful to watch, man, even if you don’t see the gory details. Now that’s what I call effective.

Towards the sky

Another knockout. Again, things are moving… fast. Insanely fast. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing yet. I really think a break is needed at some point to keep things fresh, and I mean more than half an issue this time. Not that I’m complaining too much, we’re doing pretty good, but this pace can’t continue at this full rate forever without it starting to feel tiring. While I like all of this, I do hope we can relax a bit after this Shockwave arc wraps up.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find someone to sell me a Legacy Beachcomber for a reasonable price…

‘Transformers’ #10 review

Transformers #10

A seriously intense and gripping entry that does everything imaginable to show that this run is no joke.

The Beachcomber is amazing! What a cute little guy, I want to buy him right away

A gripping and effective plot that steps on the gas when you want to shout “Stop!”

Rich in characterization on every front

Dude, you think Soundwave is gonna KILL Shockwave? Like your brother is overcooked. Don’t threaten the cat, man.

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