ChaiFlicks Launches First Summer Streaming Series

ChaiFlicks Launches First Summer Streaming Series

ChaiFlicks, the world’s leading streaming platform for Jewish storytelling, is launching its first summer movie series this Saturday.

The film series will showcase some of the best Jewish productions of the past decade, starting with the 2019 Israeli drama-comedy “Golden Voices.”

“For the past four years, our audience has become accustomed to finding and watching the best Jewish films, TV series and documentaries from around the world,” ChaiFlicks founder Neil Friedman tells TheWrap. “Our first-ever Summer Movie Series raises the bar because every Saturday night we will be airing many of the most acclaimed Jewish films of the past decade.”

All films in the series are distributed to the streamer through a partnership with Music Box Films. The Chicago-based distributor has a variety of international, independent and documentary features.

Other notable productions include the Golden Globe-nominated “Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem,” which opens July 20, and the Academy Award-winning “Ida,” scheduled for Aug. 3.

Following the attacks carried out by Hamas on October 7, 2023, the number of subscribers to the platform increased and demand for more Israeli content increased.

“We took a hit in terms of any kind of promotion or direction to subscribers. We waited and didn’t tell our viewers what to do or watch for a few days. Then we realized that our subscription (which includes viewers in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia) was overwhelmingly looking at Israeli programming,” Friedman wrote in a guest blog for TheWrap. “Without any outward marketing, ChaiFlicks saw a significant increase in both new subscribers and viewership.”

The streaming service offers thousands of award-winning films, shows, and documentaries that highlight Jewish voices. Friedman and Heidi Bogin Oshin co-founded the streaming service after their successful partnership with Menemsha Films (their production company represented Academy Award nominees for five consecutive years). Bill Weiner, a former senior executive at New Regency, also signed on to launch the streaming service.

In addition to this first-of-its-kind summer series, ChaiFlicks has launched its own original series, “Kafka,” based on the life of prominent Jewish author Franz Kafka. The six-episode series premiered on the platform in July.

To watch the Summer series weekly, you can stream it from the following address: TeaMovies.

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