College Football 25 Roster Reveal Shows Top 100 Player Ratings

College Football 25 Roster Reveal Shows Top 100 Player Ratings

EA Sports has released the top 100 player ratings for College Football 25, which players can now view on the new roster page. With College Football 25 coming out next week, fans and players will want to know who they can trust on Gameday. And of course, there are the popular players around the league, like Shedeur Sanders, whose ratings we know everyone will be checking out. So, who are the best players in College Football 25? Let’s find out.

Who Are the Top 10 Players in College Football 25? – Roster Announcement

According to EA Sports, The following players will be the top 10 highest-rated players in the College Football 25:

  1. Will Johnson, Michigan CB – 96 OVR
  2. Will Campbell, LSU LT – 96 OVR
  3. Ollie Gordon II – OSU HB – 96 OVR
  4. James Pearce Jr. – Tennessee RE – 95 GEN
  5. Caleb Downs – Ohio State FS – 95 OVR
  6. Travis Hunter – Colorado WR – 95 OVR
  7. Malachi Starks – Georgia FS – 95 OVR
  8. Mason Graham – Michigan DT – 95 OVR
  9. Quinshon Judkins – Ohio State HB – 95 OVR
  10. Tate Ratledge – Georgia RG – 95 OVR

The list includes six different player traits that contribute to a player’s overall rating. For example, LSU’s Will Campbell has 94 strength and 97 awareness, helping him earn a 96 OVR. Travis Hunter’s high jump, speed, and acceleration ratings make him great for both offense and defense. Whether you put him at corner or WR, you can be sure that he’ll make your life on Dynasty a lot easier.

Of course, this list also represents an extremely small portion of all players in the game. Over 10,000 players participated in the College Football 25, and we’ll see their full rankings very soon.

The six different features listed on the website are:

  • Overall – Shows a player’s rating based on all attributes
  • Speed ​​– How fast a player moves
  • Acceleration – How quickly a player can reach their top speed
  • Strength – Shows a player’s overall strength (helps with blocking)
  • Awareness – Shows how aware a player is of their on-field surroundings (A great stat for offensive linemen)
  • Jumping – A player’s jumping ability (A Receiver or Cornerback’s ability to jump for a ball thrown into the air. Helps in competitive catching situations.)

College Football 25’s player progression system is also different than before.

Overall, this covers all the important information regarding the new College Football 25 Roster and Ratings reveal. Rating pageIt includes all kinds of filters. You can filter players by team, conference, position, grade, rating and more. And now we wait for the final announcement before the launch of College Football 25, which includes information about Road To Glory.

In the meantime, feel free to take a look at some of the information that has been revealed so far. From the latest gameplay First Look to the Ultimate Team Deep Dive, there’s a lot to uncover this week!

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