AT&T has great deals on the latest Galaxy devices

AT&T has great deals on the latest Galaxy devices

We’re all still excited last Galaxy Unpacked eventDuring the event, we got a glimpse of what Samsung has in store for its users. If you’re excited to get your hands on some of the new devices but are short on cash, don’t worry. AT&T has some great deals For the new Galaxy foldable phones.

During the event, Samsung introduced us to some nifty gadgets. For starters, we finally got the Galaxy Ring announcement that we had been waiting for months for. Not only that, the company also introduced the new Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra.

Of course, the biggest announcements revolved around the latest foldable phones. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is the latest book-style foldable phone, and Samsung has talked about it being lighter and having thinner bezels. As for the Galaxy Z Flip 6, that phone keeps the larger outer display we saw last year and has a 4,000mAh battery.

Much like the story of Galaxy phones today, not much has changed except for the new features and additions to the Galaxy AI, but these are still some of the best foldable phones you can find on the market.

AT&T has great deals on its new Galaxy foldable phones

Let’s face it, these new Galaxy phones are expensive. They’re $100 more than last year’s phones. If you want to get your hands on Samsung’s latest and greatest, you’re going to have to look for some deals. If you’re an AT&T customer, look no further! The carrier has some great deals for those who want one of these new phones.

If you’re missing the last mussel shell, Galaxy Z Flip 6 (on AT&T)You can get one free with a trade-in of an eligible Galaxy phone. You can trade in a phone from any year in any condition, but you should know that you won’t get it for free with just any trade-in. If you’re trading in a Galaxy Z Flip from last year, you’ll likely get the phone for free. However, if you’re trading in your decade-old Galaxy S5, you’ll get a discount, but you might not get the full $1,100.

As the fine print says, you will need to trade in a Galaxy S, Note or Z phone. You will get the 256GB variant of the phone.

if you want to Galaxy Z Fold 6 (on AT&T)The trade-in deal is valid for that phone. You can get up to $1,100 off the Galaxy Z Fold 6 with a qualifying trade-in. The same rules apply; you’re not guaranteed to get the full amount. You’ll need to trade in a newer phone in good condition to get the full amount. You’ll get the 256GB variant of the phone.

Triple Game Pack

The best things come in 3s, and that’s true here too. If you buy a Galaxy Z Fold 6 or a Galaxy Flip 6 on a 36-month contract, you’ll get a Galaxy Watch 7 (AT&T) and a Galaxy Tab A9+ for just $0.99/month each. You’ll also be getting these devices on a 36-month contract, so you’ll need to keep that in mind. If you cancel your contract early, you will have to pay the remaining amount for the devices. Either way, you’ll have a pretty powerful ecosystem of Galaxy devices all at once!

Double the storage space

This is a pretty popular deal. For a limited time, you can get double the storage. This means that if you pay for the 256GB version of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 or Galaxy Z Flip 6, you’ll get the 512GB version at no extra cost.

There are also additional opportunities for business and other customers on the AT&T network.