Hyster launches new models, UK. News story on Forkliftaction News

Hyster launches new models, UK. News story on Forkliftaction News

Hyster has launched a new truck-loading order picker in the UK and introduced a new electric forklift in the US.

New order picker

Hyster says its new LO2.0-3.0P order picker pallet truck combines the advantages of a low-level order picker and a ride-on pallet truck.

“Industrial applications involving manufacturing or warehousing operations are inherently demanding. Add to this increased competition, shrinking margins and tight deadlines and it becomes clear why it is increasingly important for businesses to simplify their working practices and get the maximum benefit from their equipment fleet,” says Monica Radavelli, Product Manager at Hyster Europe.

“This new Hyster model has a durable design that demanding industrial operations can rely on for high-productivity mixed-use operation, from order picking in a manufacturer’s warehouse to loading and unloading trucks at a loading dock.”

New cushion tire electric forklift

Hyster has introduced its new E80XNL cushion-tire electric forklift with integrated lithium-ion power in the US.

At 8,000 lb (3.6 T), the truck is shorter than a comparable ICE model, providing an improved turning radius and right-angle stacking.

Multiple battery sizes are available to equip trucks to provide the performance and runtime required by each application.

The largest battery can be fully charged in as little as 1 hour and 45 minutes with a 30 kW charger, and estimated typical runtimes range from 5 hours and 45 minutes on heavy-duty cycles to 11 hours in lighter-duty applications.

Throughout the shift, the batteries accept energy from regenerative braking to help improve runtime.

“As demanding indoor applications in paper and packaging, manufacturing, automotive and other industries face pressure to decarbonize, lithium-ion batteries offer several key benefits that make them well-suited to duty cycles, including zero battery maintenance, fast charging and the ability to top up with a quick opportunity charge during breaks,” says Joshua Eby, Hyster Product Technology Manager.

“But it’s about more than just providing enough performance to do the job with less environmental impact.

“Electrification can also unlock ergonomic benefits and operator assistance features.”