Xbox Game Pass Adds New Tier and Takes Away Day One Releases (For Some)

Xbox Game Pass Adds New Tier and Takes Away Day One Releases (For Some)

Xbox Game Pass has always been a treat for all the fans of this console around the globe. Day 1 releases, an exciting gaming library, and the freedom to play games on different devices—these perks have made this subscription service the best in the business.

However, as every change is inevitable, so is Microsoft. It was quite predictable that a price hike was on the way. Not only that, but there’s also a flurry of changes with Game Pass, which has made fans a bit concerned.

Microsoft Comes Up With Price Hikes in the Xbox Game Pass

Starting September 12, the price of several Xbox Game Pass plans will increase. | Credit: Microsoft.

On July 9, people started getting emails from Microsoft about a potential price hike for Game Pass. Famous industry insider Wario64 confirmed that the price of Game Pass Ultimate is going to be increased, which will roll out on September 12th. He was, however, unsure about the regions that were going to take effect.

After that, Xbox posted an FAQ on their website to clear up all the clutter.

This is how the price of the service is shaping up:

Xbox GamePass Ultimately there will be no changes whatsoever except its price. This upper-tier subscription service will continue to include PC Game Pass, Day 1 games, cloud gaming, and many more games. Although, the price is climbing from $16.99 to $19.99 per month.

Xbox Game Pass Core (Xbox Live Gold Multiplayer) will now be priced at $74.99, up from $59.99 manually a year. However, the monthly price of $9.99 remains the same.

Game Pass subscribers on PC will be getting price hikes as well, from $9.99 to $11.99 per month. All of these price hikes will take effect on September 12, 2024, and they will take effect globally.

Despite the price hikes, there is One news that can lift up the mood of Game Pass subscribers.

What Are the Other Changes in Microsoft’s Subscription Service?

Xbox is introducing a new category in the subscription service: Game Pass Standard. | Credit: Microsoft

Speaking of other changes, Xbox Game Pass is getting an overhaul after a while.

However, fans are a bit confused about how the changes are going to offer the best gameplay experience.

These are all the upcoming changes:

One of the most popular tiers of this subscription service, Game Pass for Console, will no longer be accessible to new users. However, players who are already on this subscription service will be allowed to maintain their subscription. This service was a cheaper alternative to Game Pass Ultimate as it didn’t have PC games or EA Play titles.

Of “the coming months,” This popular plan will be replaced with a new tier, Game Pass Standard, which will cost $14.99 per month. One of the most disappointing aspects of this tier is that Game Pass Standard won’t include new games on a daily basis, unlike the regular base Game Pass. However, the new plan will include Game Pass Core, aka Xbox Live Gold.

From September 12, 2024, fans will no longer be able to stack their Game Pass on Console subscription for over 13 months over pre-paid cards. Players who have already stacked beyond this will not be affected.

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