How Virginia Tech Players Rank in the ACC in EA SPORTS’ College Football 25 Top 100 Player Ratings

How Virginia Tech Players Rank in the ACC in EA SPORTS’ College Football 25 Top 100 Player Ratings

In EA Sports’ College Football 25 top 100 player rankings, only 15 ACC players cracked the top 100. A full 31 players came from the Big Ten and 29 players came from the SEC.

Among all ACC players, Virginia Tech has cornerback Dorian Strong ranked in the top 100, rated as the 66th best player in the game. Strong is listed as the 91st overall player with 91 speed, 94 acceleration, 58 power, 90 awareness and 90 jump. These are the only statistics publicly available, as full ratings may be released later or when the game is released.

Only three players cracked the ACC’s top 25.

Clemson star defensive end and edge rusher Barrett Carter was rated as the 15th best player in the game. Carter’s 97 awareness rating ranked him first among all outside linebackers in the game and tied for fifth among all players in the game. Carter was behind only Shedeur Sanders (98), Emeka Egbuka (98), Dillon Gabriel (99) and Jason Henderson (99).

Other top 25 players in the ACC included North Carolina running back Omarion Hampton, who was rated the 22nd best player, and Cal running back Jaydn Ott, who was ranked 25th.

There are several other players ahead of Dorian Strong in the ACC.

There were only two ACC players in the secondary who were rated higher than Dorian Strong, which bodes well for fans hoping to see Strong make the All-ACC First Team. Virginia safety Jonas Sanker and Louisville cornerback Quincy Riley, who were ranked 39th and 40th, respectively, moved ahead of Strong. Riley and Sanker both received higher strength ratings than Strong’s lowly 58 rating, which put him last among all ACC players on the top 100 list.

In the ACC, North Carolina defensive end Kaimon Rucker and SMU interior lineman Logan Parr take the Nos. 6 and 7 spots. After making Second Team All-ACC last year, Kaimon Rucker was given a 91 overall rating, putting him at No. 56 in the top 100. Logan Parr, a First Team All-AAC player, is in his first year in the ACC and brings SMU with him. Parr is also given a 91 overall rating, but he is No. 63 in the top 100.

The 8th highest ranked player in the ACC is Virginia Tech cornerback Dorian Strong. As mentioned earlier, Strong also received a 91 overall player rating, but finished 66th overall. An 8th ACC ranking is probably a fair ranking for Strong, but some fans may wish his overall ranking was higher than 66th.

There were seven players ahead of Strong and seven behind him in the ACC top 100.

Miami middle linebacker Damien Martinez (67th), Syracuse tight end Oronde Gadsden II (69th), Louisville defensive end Ashton Gillotte (72nd), Miami defensive end Rueben Bain Jr. (78th), Florida State offensive tackle Patrick Payton (87th), Clemson defensive tackle Peter Woods (91st) and Miami wide receiver Xavier Restrepo (93rd) round out the ACC’s top 100 picks.

Remember, these ratings can change throughout the season, meaning players like Dorian Strong can move up into the top 100, but they can also move down. Hopefully, more Virginia Tech players will be able to get their names on this list throughout the season.