Tyreek Hill slams streamer Sketch after followers discover his secret past as an OnlyFans artist – FirstSportz

Tyreek Hill slams streamer Sketch after followers discover his secret past as an OnlyFans artist – FirstSportz

It’s been a tough 24 hours for the Twitch streamer Kylie Cox Who is passing by? Draft online. She faced backlash online after her followers revealed content from her secret past, where she performed on OnlyFans. Since her videos and images were leaked, the streamer confirmed the same and explained that she took this path because “addiction problems” and other personal problems.

While there were mixed reactions to the broadcaster’s confession, some NFL players also reacted. Tyreek HillThe Miami Dolphins wide receiver posted a reference to the Sketch and his fan base on his account X (formerly Twitter). “The drawing is complete, you’ve all played,” He openly mocks his followers who don’t know the dark truth behind their favorite streamer.

Hill’s reaction was not unique. Antonio BrownThe former NFL wide receiver took a swipe at Sketch, calling him: “F****t of the Day”Brown’s comments were criticized by many as being homophobic.

Kylie Cox was creating gay content on her OnlyFans page, which prompted AB to respond rudely. However, Brown eventually changed her tune and shared another message on her feed, stating that she had personally reached out to Sketch to check on her mental health.

Tyreek Hill faces backlash from fans who criticize him for his dark past

Despite Hill laughing at the Twitch streamer’s fans in his post, fans weren’t so keen on taking his side this time around, with many of the comments in the thread criticizing the wide receiver for laughing at someone else’s shady past when he doesn’t have a clean record himself.

Tyreek Hill (via IMAGO)

Fans have brought up Hill’s alleged domestic violence incidents and other run-ins with the law. Some of Hill’s controversial incidents include when Instagram model Sophie Hall claimed the wide receiver broke her leg while practicing football at his mansion in 2023

He allegedly assaulted a marina employee in Miami Beach. Then there are the domestic violence allegations against him from Crystal Espinal, who claims Hill choked her and punched her in the stomach and face when she was eight weeks pregnant.

In addition to Sketch, a publisher that gained popularity in the football community with its Madden NFL game videos, many content creators also support it. Kai Cenat And FaZe Banks There are two important names who stand by him during the discussions. Sauce Gardner The New York Jets star also praised Sketch for having the courage to talk about his past life.

Fans’ anger stems from him keeping this detail a secret, and since his audience is made up of young children and teenagers, he should have been more aware of the impact it would have on them.

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