An Unforgettable Living Nightmare – Cinematic

An Unforgettable Living Nightmare – Cinematic

You know that feeling of being caught in a spider web? Invisible strings that stick to your body, making you feel instantly tense and uneasy. It was the same feeling I experienced while watching writer/director Osgood Perkins’ creepy horror film Long legs. A film that you can easily get sucked into, finding little solace in the utter mayhem that erupts into chaos on screen. It’s supported by Nicolas Cage’s unforgettable performance. Long legs It is a candidate to be the most talked about film of the summer.

Catching a Demonic Serial Killer

Maika Monroe stars as Lee Harker, a young FBI agent newly assigned to the case of the century. A case that has gone unsolved for decades: the Satanic Longlegs murders. Lee may be new to the position, but her instincts rival those of a seasoned professional. Assigned to investigate the ongoing serial killer case alongside her is veteran Agent Carter (Blair Underwood). Her protectiveness and trust encourages Lee to double down on his unique investigative methods.

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At each of Longlegs’ crime scenes, a note is left written in an abstract code that the FBI tries but fails to decipher. Lee finds that additional evidence that should have been left behind, such as fingerprints, DNA, and entry and exit points, is strangely missing. There is no physical evidence. Using this as a starting point, Lee directs his investigation less toward the predictable and more toward the surreal. It is at this point that he begins to sense the presence of the killer, who is both everywhere and nowhere. Like the aforementioned spider web, he becomes entangled in Longlegs’ web, leading to a disturbing realization that changes the course of the case.

Nicolas Cage Will Haunt Your Nightmares

The less you know about it Long legs before you get into it, better. What sets this film apart from other horror films is the ways Osgood Perkins injects subliminal tension into each scene. The frenetic music includes small string notes along with more organic sounds like microphone feedback and heartbeat pulses. Diegetic sounds crafted by the sound design team include eerie footsteps and environmental cues. Combined, they subtly build intensity throughout the film. The unconventional way the film is shot leans toward more artistic horror. Switching between aspect ratios and unconventional framing feels fresh and Long legs a memorable visual aesthetic.

Now, a movie is only as good as its lead performances. Long legsMaika Monroe and Nicolas Cage play their characters sensationally to make the film truly terrifying. Maika’s calm and collected demeanor is a perfect contrast to Nic’s unstable and unrecognizable character. Nicolas Cage, who never shies away from a challenging or strange role, achieves a new level of success in his career with the role of Longlegs. It is both exaggerated and terrifying at the same time. Don’t be surprised if Longlegs appears in your nightmares after the film, it is almost inevitable.

Take Away

Inspired by some of the greatest thrillers of modern times The silence of the lambs And Zodiac, Longlegs offers viewers a new perspective on the genre. NEON’s marketing campaign, while impressive, may overdo the scare factor a bit and oversell the film overall, but Long legs It’s still a solid movie that’s better worth watching in theaters than on VOD. Whether it’s strong enough to be called the scariest movie of the year remains to be seen.