What happened to Sketch? Streamer’s OnlyFans leak explained

What happened to Sketch? Streamer’s OnlyFans leak explained

A popular Twitch streamer was forced to respond to rumors about her past after it was revealed in explicit content posted on OnlyFans.

Streamer Sketch has posted a video online thanking his family and friends for their support after footage emerged of him having sex with other men, which was first posted on the adults-only subscription service OnlyFans.

The 25-year-old from Houston, Texas, whose real name is Kylie Cox, said she has done “things” and “lived under the threat of them being found out for two years.”

Twitch is a video streaming platform where users can watch people (also known as broadcasters) playing games online.

Players like Sketch stream their matches while playing their favorite games and provide ongoing commentary on the action.

Sketch is best known for starring in the American football game Madden NFL, and created the catchphrase “What’s up, bro?”

He reached over 500 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel, 1.6 million followers on his Instagram account, and over 2 million followers on TikTok with the games he broadcasts.

What happened to Sketch?

The sketch was exposed by a YouTuber who posted screenshots of OnlyFans content in a video titled “The Real Sketch: The Untold Story of Jamie Mar” on Sunday.

Jamie Mar is reportedly one of the names Sketch uses to post OnlyFans content.

The YouTuber who leaked the content said that they understand that this is “a very serious allegation and could have huge implications for his future” but that it is “not an allegation that will end his career”.

However, they later added the following statement to their YouTube account: “Sketch, I am truly sorry.

“I shared our story very quickly.

“I didn’t prepare you and people weren’t kind.

“I apologize for putting you in this situation.

“I’m grateful you’re still with us.”

How did Sketch respond?

Sketch held a livestream on Twitch on Monday, confirming that the OnlyFans content was his and apologizing.

“I did something two years ago,” he said.

“I’m sorry if you saw some of that.

“You know, I’ve changed now.”

Making a humorous reference to former US President Bill Clinton, Trump said, “I mean, I didn’t have sex with that guy two years ago!

“I’m kidding. I did it. It’s possible. It’s okay.”

The streamer said he was going through a “dark period” and dealing with “some addiction issues” when he made the videos, but he wouldn’t do it again.

The famous actor thanked his parents and friends who “saved” him after the leaked content went viral, and said that “I probably wouldn’t be talking to you right now” without their support.

How did other publishers react?

After the content was shared on social media, other streamers and NFL players began defending Sketch.

Online gaming organization FaZe Clan CEO FazeBanks showed his support by sharing a text conversation he had with Sketch on X following the leak.

“Not everything needs to be published and farmed, but Sketch told me to publish these receipts because you guys want to make wild assumptions,” the post read.

“All the FaZe kids were with him last night.

“Sketch was my friend yesterday, he’s my friend today, and he’ll be my friend tomorrow.”

New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner wrote: “Sketch handled it better than most.

“Those who loved him before will love him from now on. If they don’t, it means they never loved him from the beginning.

“People go through tough times and that fosters growth.

“I’m with him.”