Pilot Experience Sim releases new update on King Air C90 development

Pilot Experience Sim releases new update on King Air C90 development

Pilot Experience Sim (PESIM), a developer with a diverse portfolio of scenery and aircraft releases, including the Maule M7 and Montpellier Airport, is currently working on an ambitious project to bring the King Air C90 to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Announced last year, this project is still actively being developed by PESIM, who recently provided a new update offering insights into their progress, particularly focusing on the cockpit design.

The developers explain that over the past few months, they have been dedicated to ensuring the accuracy and realism of the King Air C90’s cockpit. With access to a real King Air C90 and collaboration with pilots and technicians, they aim to achieve high levels of authenticity.

This latest update reveals Significant advances in the cockpit’s developmentwith the G1000 configuration nearing completion. Preview images showcase the detail and precision PESIM aims to deliver, featuring a fully functional G1000 system, detailed panels, and a leatherette-reinforced yoke.

Naturally, when a G1000 cockpit is introduced in an aircraft traditionally equipped with analog gauges, simmers question whether an analog version will be included. Responding to community inquiries, PESIM has confirmed that an analog cockpit version is planned, which is certainly exciting news. However, more details about this variant will be shared in future updates.

Previous updates from PESIM have highlighted several key features of the King Air C90:

  • The G1000 system is fully integrated, with additional plans for an EFIS cockpit setup.
  • The fuel gauges and circuit breaker panels are fully simulated.
  • Screens within the cockpit will accumulate dirt over time, requiring periodic cleaning.
  • Real-life King Air pilots have been involved in the development process to ensure the accuracy of the aircraft’s systems and flight dynamics.

What’s Next?

While PESIM has shared impressive progress, they have not provided a specific release date for the King Air C90. We can anticipate more information on the analog cockpit variant and other features in the coming months. However, it seems there is still a significant amount of work to be done before the project’s completion.

As always, we’ll keep you updated with further details and developments regarding this project. Stay tuned!