XPeng’s first pure vision EV is the P7+ and we have our first images

XPeng’s first pure vision EV is the P7+ and we have our first images

A day after reports that XPeng’s next BEV would replace LiDAR with pure-view cameras, the Chinese automaker has confirmed the official model name and shared the first images. Here’s what we know about the BEV, called the P7+, which XPeng’s founder says is “on a mission to usher in a new era of smart driving.”

XPeng Engines ($XPEV) It was one of the first automakers to integrate LiDAR sensors into mass-market BEVs, and the technology has helped the Chinese automaker become one of the leaders in ADAS and autonomous driving technology.

The XNGP software has emerged as a real competitor to Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) system, and it’s arguably better, as it’s already fully rolled out across China. But we’re not here to discuss that today.

XPeng Motors has officially started the transition from LiDAR sensors to pure-view cameras in at least one new vehicle, following reports dating back to February 2024. Yesterday, we shared that ADAS technology similar to Tesla’s is expected to be available in a new XPeng BEV model later this year.

XPeng Motors confirmed the switch to pure display on social media in China and will be launching with a new model called the P7+.

XPeng introduces new P7+ EV with pure-vision ADAS

Per Weibo According to posts made by XPeng Motors founder, president and CEO He Xiaopeng earlier today, the Chinese automaker is focused on delivering the previously announced MONA M03 sedan model, but it also gave a small preview of its next model to satisfy the public’s curiosity. According to Xiaopeng:

Recently I have been fully preparing for the details, mass production and delivery of the XPeng MONA M03. I can only briefly mention 3 points regarding the new models that everyone has been discussing a lot in the last two days:

Point 1: P7+
Point 2: 5 meters+
Point 3: Technology+

It’s not much, but it’s a start. In addition to the three first images of the P7+, previously codenamed “F57,” above, XPeng has confirmed that it will be over 5 meters (16.4 feet) long and equipped with advanced technology, including pure-view cameras.

The XPeng P7 sedan, a staple in the automaker’s lineup, is 4.88 meters long, so the P7+ will be longer. We’re still determining wheelbase measurements, but we expect more length to offer more cabin and cargo space.

Xiaopeng also stated that the P7+ has a mission: “To usher in a new era of intelligent driving.” It will be exciting to see what kind of ADAS and autonomous driving capabilities XPeng can offer using pure vision and the previously announced AI-powered operating system.

According to previous reports from China, the P7+ is expected to be launched in Q4 2024. But before that, we can focus on the launch of the MONA M03, which the automaker reminded the public not to forget in 2024. Weibo:

Please pay more attention to MONA first; see you in P7+!

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