Hezbollah Releases New Drone Footage Showing Israeli Military Bases

Hezbollah Releases New Drone Footage Showing Israeli Military Bases

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Iran-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah sent Images allegedly taken by a drone on July 9 went too far Israel Defense Forces (IDF) bases and other sensitive locations in northern Israel. “The video began with a map highlighting Mount Dov, the Golan Heights, Nahariya, Safed, Haifa and Afula. It showed what Hezbollah described as military intelligence bases, strategic electronic intelligence stations and facilities capable of launching electronic attacks, which Hezbollah calls ‘the eyes of the state,’” Israel’s Ynet reported. It was reportedThe latest images were released less than a month after the previous ones caught A Hezbollah drone showed coastal areas of Israel. The images were likely compiled earlier this year, as snow is visible in some of the images, which is not present on the Golan during the summer months. The images were released before Hezbollah launched a rocket attack on the Golan on July 9, which killed two Israeli civilians.

Expert Analysis

“The Hezbollah drone footage is the group’s latest attempt to show how sophisticated its intelligence-gathering capabilities have become. The footage is designed to threaten Israel by identifying Israeli bases and sensitive areas in northern Israel. Hezbollah has targeted many of these areas in the past using kamikaze drones. The precision of Hezbollah’s weapons shows how far its capabilities have advanced in recent years.” — Seth J. FrantzmanFDD Associate Member

“While Hezbollah has demonstrated its ability to gather intelligence on sensitive locations in northern Israel, its success in attacking these areas has been limited. Hezbollah has not matched Israel’s ability to eliminate the terrorist group’s senior leadership. Yet Israel would rather not learn whether Hezbollah has meaningful bite along with its bark.” — David MayFDD Research Manager and Senior Research Analyst

IDF Strikes Hezbollah Facilities in Lebanon

The IDF carried out air strikes Hezbollah targets airstrike defense unit in Janta, fifteen miles south of Baalbek in the mountains of eastern Lebanon. “In addition, the IAF (Israeli Air Force) struck a Hezbollah weapons storage facility in the Kfarkela area of ​​southern Lebanon,” Ynet It was reportedHezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech on the evening of July 9 swear It was reported that the terrorist organization will continue its attacks against Israel in support of its ally Hamas in Gaza.

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