Broadcaster Adin Ross Allegedly Gave $3 Million to Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign

Broadcaster Adin Ross Allegedly Gave  Million to Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign

Name: Ross allegedly donated $3 million Donald Trump‘S Presidential Election CampaignThis would be Ross’s final example of solidarity with the Republican candidate.

According to DJ Akademiks’ X post, content creator He donated just over $3 million in cryptocurrency to an unknown recipient who he believes is associated with Trump’s presidential campaign. Akademiks also shared a photo of a seat assigned to Ross at an unspecified pro-Trump event, a photo of Ross and Trump together, and a photo of Ross sitting with people who are assumed to support Trump.

In addition to his large donation, Ross is also said to have attended a rally attended by Trump on Tuesday (July 9).

While it has not yet been confirmed whether Ross was actually at the rally, it would not be surprising as Trump has had a variety of celebrities attend his events or address the crowd. Earlier this year, Brooklyn rappers Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow Appeared at Trump rally The ceremony in the Bronx, New York, where two artists personally invited by Trump also performed.

The duo’s appearance sparked the radio host’s anger Peter RosenbergHe demanded that Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow be removed from Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam concert earlier this summer. In response, Sheff G questioned Rosenberg’s criticism that he and Hallow’s political allegiances differ from his own.

“Damn… we thought we were free to vote for whoever we wanted. I had no idea we had to have the same political views as @laurastylez, @oldmanebro, and @rosenbergradio to succeed. Imagine this… the crazy thing is… in my entire success I’ve never seen either of you mention my name,” she defended on social media.

“Y’all sat there quietly and watched lol (whisper) but as soon as something you think is negative comes out, you immediately (yell) lol y’all are the reason our generation is like this… I won’t say anything disrespectful either. It’s all love.”

Adin Ross Wears T-Shirt

In other news, Adin Ross hasn’t streamed in over a month, with his most recent Kick session taking place on May 25. According to alt-X account @AR15thedemon, the content creator was in the midst of prepping for surgery in early June. “Hey guys, I’m going into surgery real soon, I’ll keep everyone posted,” he wrote at the time. “Love you.”

Ross was seen at Michael Rubin’s All White Party on July 4th last week, which led to additional speculation about when he’d be back on air. In another post on his @AR15thedemon account, he said he’ll be returning to content production soon.

“I’m ready to go back. Any day, any second, any minute I’ll be live on air,” he said in the voice memo. “But I’m ready, it’s been a long time coming. Good break, good mental break, very good mental break, much needed but we’re back.”

Adin Ross in a Basketball Game

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