Jana Duggar’s Sparkly Accessory Sparks Speculation About Her Relationship Status

Jana Duggar’s Sparkly Accessory Sparks Speculation About Her Relationship Status

Jana Duggar’s Sparkly Accessory Sparks Speculation About Her Relationship Status

Sure, nameplate jewelry usually implies that the wearer is named after her, but it turns out that there’s a trend toward some of our favorite stylish stars wearing designs with a less obvious message. Lana Bramlette, founder of Lana Jewelry, has been making nameplate necklaces for stars like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Gigi Hadid, and more for years, and she tells us the secret meaning behind some of her most famous designs.

“Wearing a name necklace is the ultimate statement of power for the modern woman. I think it’s the most personal accessory you can own,” Bramlette tells Us. “I’m seeing a fun, unconventional trend in nameplates where my clients are asking for unusual statements.”

Bramlette designs custom pieces like pet names, lucky numbers and Instagram accounts, and recently began designing Arabic-script nameplates at the request of a celebrity stylist.

As for her A-list fan base, J.Lo recently showed off a few of her favorite Lana Jewelry finds while filming World of Dance. The “Jenny From the Block” singer wore a series of gold chains, including the “Jennifer” and “13” Lana nameplates. Bramlette says the diamond-encrusted “13” is in honor of Lopez’s boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, who wore the number during his professional baseball career.

And there’s an even sweeter meaning to where that came from! Over the summer, Hadid confirmed that her on-again, off-again relationship with Zayn Malik was indeed “on again” when she stepped out with a sparkly Lana Jewelry necklace bearing his name.

Fiancée Priyanka Chopra recently commissioned a nameplate that says “Diana” in honor of her precious pooch, and perhaps the most sentimental example of Bramlette’s unconventional designs is the “Mambo” piece that Madonna regularly wears. The brand says the word is a nickname given to Madge by her children.

While the nameplate idea brought to mind a vibrant cursive script similar to Carrie Bradshaw’s beloved gold design in Sex and the City, the Chicago-based jeweler has set itself apart with a more graphic style featuring block letters. He finds traditional fonts “too delicate and sweet” for his taste. Oh, and block letters leave “more room for diamonds.”

Lana Jewelry’s diamond-encrusted nameplates start at $520 for a single letter and can hold up to eight characters. They’re available in white, yellow, and rose gold and come in small, medium, and large sizes, allowing for a truly custom piece.

As a result, Bramlette loves the idea of ​​layering multiple necklaces that hold multiple meanings for a personalized look (example: J.Lo’s World of Dance sparkle). “‘More is better’ is basically Lana’s layering rule 101. My chains are super lightweight but have maximized shine, so they look even better when stacked,” she says. “Start with a choker like the Nude Chain Choker , add a classic lariat like the Blake Necklace , finish with a long layered chain like the Kite Chain . And of course, throw on your Lana nameplate to seal the deal.”

Kylie Kelce is one happy woman. While gushing about Christmas 2023 with husband Jason Kelce and brother Travis Kelce on the Friday, December 29 episode of the siblings’ “New Heights” podcast, Kylie, 31, praised the gift Jason, 36, got her and also praised her “silver fox” look.

“Christmas was amazing,” Kylie said when Travis, 34, was asked about the holiday. “(Jason got me) multiple (gifts),” Kylie continued, which seemed to shock Travis, to which Travis replied, “What!”

Kylie later revealed that she was wearing one of her gifts, a necklace from her “favorite jewelry store.” The accessory featured a gold chain and a sparkly pendant.

“(Jason) is not only a sexy Batman, he’s also a sexy Santa Claus,” Travis said, impressed by the gesture, and Kylie agreed. “He is. He is,” she said sweetly.

In addition to the necklace, Jason also bought Kylie a Transformers action figure — Optimus Prime, to be exact. Kylie was thrilled by the surprise, but revealed that her kids were scared of the toy.

“There were just absolute screams of terror,” Kylie said of her daughters’ reaction, adding that she keeps the figurine in its box. Kylie and Jason, who got married in April 2018, have daughters Wyatt, four, Elliotte, two, and Bennett, 10 months.

In addition to thanking Jason for a great Christmas, Kylie also expressed her admiration for his good looks. Elsewhere in the episode, Jason read questions from fans, including one about Kylie’s reaction to Jason being named one of People magazine’s 2023 Sexiest Men Alive.

“I mean, I married him, guys,” Kylie said, hinting that she’s always been aware of her husband’s appeal. “All the women who missed out on that… that’s mine. I knew that. That (award) is so obvious to me. He’s still mine.”

When Travis asked if Jason was “sexier than ever” with this endorsement, Kylie admitted that he “aged like fine wine.”

“He acts like a silver fox. When we first started dating, he had a random gray beard and he’d let me pull it,” she recalls. “As I was pulling it, he’d tell me how excited he was to go gray and white. I’d say, ‘Well, gray hair? That’s weird.’ Now I’m like, ‘You son of a bitch.’ The sides are covered in salt and pepper. I mean, come on.”

She was always “something that just happened to be in a glass.” Jersey Shore star Deena Cortese became a certified member of the fist-pumping reality TV family after meeting the cast through Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, and she’s undergone quite the transformation since then.

Deena made her debut in season 3 and brought the party with her, which wasn’t surprising since Snooki had already told fans that they would be partying from the moment they arrived in Seaside together.

“Deena is one of my best friends. She’s going to be my partner in crime,” the reality TV star admitted in a confessional.

After meeting her new co-stars, Snooki confirmed that the fun was about to begin because she and Deena were going to be in “juice and guido heaven.” While Deena’s first night at the beach house wasn’t without drama, it didn’t take long for the cast to welcome her with open arms and consider her one of their own.

“I got along well with everyone in the cast. I went in with an open mind and it was fine,” Deena later told People about her first experience filming the series.

Deena appeared on Jersey Shore from 2010 to 2012 and is now back in the rebooted Jersey Shore: Family Vacation after appearing in all four seasons.

Deena also found love during her time on the show. The TV personality met her now-husband, Christopher Buckner, in between seasons at a local bar in 2011. After catching each other’s eyes from across the room, the couple added each other on Facebook and a romance blossomed. Sparks continued to fly, and the pair got engaged during a weekend getaway in Mexico in 2016.

“I always knew I would spend the rest of my life with Christopher… But last night walking on the beach in Mexico she made it official!! We are engaged!!!!!” she announced on Instagram while showing off her sparkling ring.

The lovers tied the knot in October 2017 at Laurita Winery in New Egypt, New Jersey, and welcomed their first child, Christopher John (aka CJ), in January 2019. Before ringing in the new year, Deena and Chris surprised fans by announcing they were expecting baby No. 2. The couple shared the exciting news in October 2020, revealing that their son is expected to arrive in May 2021.

Scroll down to see Deena’s transformation over the years!

Source: Us Weekly, People