What’s new in July 2024 Google System Updates for Android

What’s new in July 2024 Google System Updates for Android

Monthly “Google System Release Notes” primarily details innovations in Play services, the Play Store, and the Play system update across Android phones/tablets, Wear OS, Google/Android TV, Auto, and PC. Some features apply to end users, while others are targeted to developers.

The following first party applications constitute the “Google System”:

Just because a feature appears in the changelog doesn’t mean it’s widely available. Some capabilities take months to fully launch.

Google Play services v24.27 (2024-07-10)

Account Management

  • Bug fixes for (Phone) Account Management related services.
  • (Phone, Clothing) Bug fixes for Account Management related services.

Google Play Store v41.8 (2024-07-08)

  • (Phone) You can now choose the types of apps that interest you to refine your recommendations.

Remote Lock was also announced at I/O 2024. It lets users lock a stolen device by calling a phone number and responding to a “quick security query.” Google touts this as being quicker than logging into your account on another device, especially since “many users are shocked and stressed when a phone is lost and can’t remember their Google account password to access Find My Device.”

Google Play services v24.26 (2024-07-03)

Device Connection

  • (Phone, Clothing) New developer features for Google and third-party app developers to support Device Link related processes in their apps.


  • (Phone) With the Find My Device feature, you can now remotely lock your phone using just your phone number.

System Administration

  • (Automatic) Thanks to this new feature, you will now be able to manage Google Play Services from Settings.

Google announced Play Protect live threat detection at I/O 2024 to target apps that “try to hide their actions.” On your device, Private Compute Core is used to detect suspicious app behavior.

If anything is found, Play Protect will send the app to Google for further review. Once its malicious nature is confirmed, you’ll be prompted to disable that piece of software. This is coming to Pixel, Honor, Lenovo, Nothing, OnePlus, Oppo, Sharp, Transsion, and other devices.

Google Play Store v41.7 (2024-07-01)

  • (Phone) Google Play Protect install-time protection now allows users to submit new apps for full threat analysis.

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