Pokémon players hold women-only tournament, receive complaints from men who feel ‘offended’ and ‘discriminated’ | Ruetir

Pokémon players hold women-only tournament, receive complaints from men who feel ‘offended’ and ‘discriminated’ | Ruetir

Due to the ongoing problem of harassment and sexism in the gaming world and specifically towards women, two female gamers have founded the “Gardevoir Cup” initiative, according to their own statements. A series of tournaments that aim to create a safe space for female gamers while also increasing their visibility within the community. However, everything was overshadowed by a series of harassing messages and complaints from male gamers who felt discriminated against and offended.

The first Gardevoir Cup tournaments received positive feedback. However, as their fame grew, they became the target of two male Twitch streamers, Riopaser and Bl3sSur. During one of their livestreams, they made harsh criticisms of women-only tournaments. Bl3sSur argued that gender segregation in tournaments violated the principle of equality. He said that as a man, he was upset by the exclusion of women’s tournaments.

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The streamers’ statements sparked an avalanche of hateful and abusive comments directed at the Gardevoir Cup organizers, with many of the messages supporting the streamers’ words and players themselves feeling that creating a women-only tournament was “gender discrimination.”

Women were forced to cancel upcoming tournaments and withdraw from the Pokémon scene entirely. In a statement, organizers expressed disappointment over the negative backlash and lack of protection from the community. They claimed they did not feel responsible for the sexism problem in the gaming scene and only wanted to make a positive contribution.

“We will move away from the community. This means face-to-face tournaments and broadcasts of all kinds (…) We know that there are many who support us, but we believe that this community needs a complete change and that the problems will not be solved in the short or medium term,” say the organizers.

It’s an incident that shows once again that there are still issues of sexism and discrimination in the gaming community, whether it’s due to ignorance or simple confusion. It’s not yet clear if initiatives similar to the Gardevoir Cup will happen in the future, as deep change is needed within the community.

Pokémon TCG player gets disqualified by eating opponent’s card and wins, but still loses

Generally speaking, card tournaments are a place for card fans to come together and show off their skills and deck strength in a healthy way. However, there are countless ways to cheat in this competitive world, and one Pokémon trading card player may take cheating to a whole new level by surprising their opponents by eating a card.

The setting was a local tournament of the Pokémon card game known as the League Cup, where players had the opportunity to accumulate points to qualify for the prestigious Pokémon World Championship. These tournaments had specific rules in place to ensure fairness; these included requiring participants to submit a list of their decks before starting the game, having the deck reviewed by a judge before the tournament began, and players being penalized for forfeiture if errors were found in a deck, such as a missing card.