Eleveit presents the new X Legend EVO (VIDEO) – Accessories –

Eleveit presents the new X Legend EVO (VIDEO) – Accessories –

Since the start of the 2024 racing season, the X Legend EVO has been worn by some of the top Eleveit riders, demonstrating its performance and the quality of the materials used. The first to wear it at the start of the season were Ivo Monticelli and Ben Watson in the MXGP world championship, where they showed great competitiveness and resilience in every race weekend of the motocross world championship.

Nine-time world champion Steve Holcombe also chose the X Legend EVO for his EnduroGP World Championship races and was pleased with its comfort and advanced protection.
Furthermore, Jacopo Cerutti, winner of the Africa Eco Race and official Aprilia rider, confirmed the excellent performance of the boat on the long and difficult rally stages.

X Legend EVO retains the features that made its predecessor, the X Legend, famous, while introducing significant innovations to further improve protection and performance.

The new X Legend EVO features significant improvements in the shin area and the toe of the boot. Eleveit has added plastic inserts, particularly in the front of the shin, that provide improved protection against impacts and provide superior safety while riding. In addition, the toe of the boot has been reinforced with an additional plastic insert placed on the inner front, increasing foot protection and improving overall comfort. These measures ensure that the boot offers greater resistance and durability, meeting the needs of the most demanding riders.

The X Legend EVO is the lightest quad-buckle boot on the market. It weighs just 3,700 grams, a significant advantage for those who wear it for long hours. The flexible microfiber upper provides resistance and freedom of movement, and is made with only the highest quality materials, such as the innovative inner lining designed to guarantee optimum ventilation of the foot.

The non-deformable 3D structure of the lining provides superior cushioning by trapping air within the cavities of the three-dimensional filaments, creating a kind of cushioning that surrounds the leg and foot.
This technology provides an extremely light, spacious and comfortable fit, which is further enhanced by the high elasticity of the fabric used.

Thanks to these features, the X Legend EVO guarantees protection and comfort as well as reducing fatigue during long-term use or motocross races.

The Shock Lock System is an innovative system that controls and protects the forward movement of the ankle without going beyond its natural limits, thanks to the PU plastic heel that extends upwards and is placed under the arch that connects the inner and outer parts of the shoe.
As the X Legend EVO boot and leg flex forwards, the heel becomes increasingly tighter, inhibiting movement of the ankle. The system therefore guarantees optimum forward/backward oscillation of the joint, preserving its integrity in risky situations, without compromising the rider’s comfort in any way.

Controlled Lateral Flexion is the second safety system inside the X Legend EVO boot and consists of a PU frame that guides the lateral movement of the ankle.
The system is applied externally to the sides of the leg and is equipped with a central joint at ankle level that allows adjusting the inclination of the leg, and is strengthened compared to previous versions.
The top plate of the skeleton is welded to the bottom plate by means of a metal stud that rides inside a slot with two fixed stops.
The lateral movement of the joint is thus mechanically controlled within the natural arc of flexion, preventing excessive extension and, above all, harmful torsions.

The X Legend EVO features a locking system that provides greater precision and comfort.
The handles feature an innovative steel crosspiece. When fastened, a micrometrically adjustable strap ending in a hook is placed over the handle and securely attached to the crosspiece, ensuring a secure closure of the boot. In the event of accidental release or impact, the special safety system ensures that the handle remains secure and can be easily repositioned even while riding a motorcycle.
Both the arms and the clamps are interchangeable and are available in the catalogue.

Finally, the sole of the new X Legend EVO has been further improved and reinforced, made from a newly developed two-component material and made fully replaceable.

CE and UKCA certified, X Legend EVO is offered for sale in two different colors, white with red details and black with white details, in sizes 39-48, with a price tag of 499.90 euros.