Micro Logic: High-performance Canadian sovereign cloud for a hybrid future

Micro Logic: High-performance Canadian sovereign cloud for a hybrid future

Philippe Bedard, Vice President of Cloud at Micro Logic, and Robert Michon, the company’s Lead Analyst for Major Opportunities, emphasize that hybrid cloud is vital to nearly every business. It’s a view consistent with Micro Logic’s cloud strategy from day one, which embraced a hybrid approach and launched Canada’s first sovereign cloud more than a decade ago.

“Customers rightfully need to keep some things on-premises, put others in the public cloud, and use a fully sovereign, private cloud for mission-critical workloads and data,” Michon says. “We recognize that we’re not going to be the only game in town, and that our customers will want to move some data from point A to point B to point C and back again. So our solutions not only need to work seamlessly with other clouds, but they also need to be able to support our customers’ needs.” subject to fee “This means locking your data in one place.”

This emphasis on data portability is a core philosophy at Micro Logic, a belief that continues to influence the company’s cloud offerings and the many services and solutions it provides around them.

“We believe in multi-cloud environments where our customers have full control of their data and can freely move it between clouds at any time; after all, it is their data,” Bedard says. “But it’s important to remember that ‘just the cloud’ is not a one-size-fits-all approach. There will always be use cases where an on-premises deployment is better. That’s why we built our company around the concept of hybrid cloud. We excel at providing cloud solutions that include everything from Infrastructure as a Service to a full suite of managed cloud services, but we also provide components that help our customers build and maintain their own data centers. And of course, we are known for providing Canada’s leading sovereign cloud.”

Bedard notes that high performance and cost predictability are important in any environment.

“Our customers have important security and compliance needs, and we don’t compromise on resiliency,” he adds. “Our cloud Cirrus“It is a Canadian sovereign cloud that is distinct by design and built for peak performance using the most advanced Intel CPUs, proven and innovative VMware by Broadcom technologies, and the latest GPUs and DGX systems from Nvidia – we can do this as Nvidia’s only AI Cloud Partner in Canada. We don’t believe in API, operational or egress fees, but we believe it is imperative that our customers know what their infrastructure is going to cost.”

Over a decade of sovereign cloud experience

Trusted by numerous Canadian government agencies and businesses in industries such as banking and healthcare, Cirrus has over a decade of experience delivering a fully sovereign cloud that meets the most demanding requirements for compute, storage and network performance.

“We offered a sovereign cloud before sovereignty was a recognized issue,” Bedard says. “Of course, data residency and data sovereignty are two different things. With Cirrus, our client’s data is secured in Canada, in facilities that only our employees (fully vetted Canadian citizens) are allowed to access. No third party can interact with their data in any way.”

Cirrus’ iron grip also benefits other organizations, Bedard says, including American brands looking to do business in Europe while maintaining North American operations. With Canada’s equivalent to the General Data Protection Regulation, businesses face fewer hurdles when trying to address Europe’s data protection requirements.

Cirrus is also a natural fit for organizations looking to deploy AI but want to protect the data and intellectual property used by self-learning applications in a private environment—something that naturally benefits from Micro Logic. partnership Together with Nvidia Broadcom’s.

In particular, the VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) radically simplifies such efforts and empowers organizations in their cloud and AI efforts—a point Michon believes many organizations are only now realizing.

“We have over two decades of experience working closely with VMware, and being named a Broadcom Pinnacle Partner is an incredible new chapter in that relationship,” he said. “VCF is clearly the most powerful engine for building, deploying and managing an incredible cloud, and now includes even more valuable tools that enable organizations to excel and realize the full potential of transformative technologies like AI. When you combine that with the fact that Broadcom has invested $2 billion in additional innovation – and the fact that a VCF subscription can be used, moved and deployed anywhere an organization wants – you have an offering that delivers the true agility and business continuity that we are proud to deliver at Micro Logic.”

Michon emphasizes, however, that technology, tools, and solutions are not always important.

“At Micro Logic, it really comes down to people,” he adds. “More than 75% of our employees are directly involved in engineering and bring deep technology expertise to their work. Our customers know that not only is a Micro Logic employee always immediately available, but they can always talk to someone close to their business.”

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