Pomp & Circumstance’s Exclusive Trailer Brings a New Perspective to Literary Comedy

Pomp & Circumstance’s Exclusive Trailer Brings a New Perspective to Literary Comedy

About 18 months ago, a complete stranger came to my apartment in Ridgewood and asked me to watch a movie. It was a very unappetizing one. Penthouse letter; instead describes how I view Adrian Anderson and Patrick Gray’s lo-fi, intellectual comedy Splendor and FestivityIt’s clear the duo have cleverly carved out their own niche: shot on 16mm (but not in an annoying way), full of literary references and digressions (but not in a please-notice-we’re-reading-a-book kind of way), and with an incredibly short running time. A feedback session led to a new cut that I gave an appropriate thumbs-up to, wondering if anyone else would ever see it.

Here you go, Splendor and Festivity born: Anderson and Gray’s film will undergo nationwide screenings ahead of its theatrical release (see below) Don’t Move Later this summer. Ahead of these various premieres, we are pleased to exclusively release the trailer, along with the soundtrack Movie scene Contributed by Matthew Allan Star 80 and I’m sharing a quote that wasn’t said at gunpoint!

Here’s the synopsis: “This freewheeling, episodic lo-fi comedy pays homage to teenage ennui in a world where originality can feel elusive. In Burlington, Vermont, three soon-to-be grads—Charlie, an unconventional romantic, Thomas, an obsessive poet, and Marie, a budding documentarian—become embroiled in an absurd conspiracy involving their professor, who’s running for mayor. Shot entirely on 16mm film, this debut is a loving but wry homage to the underground cinema of the ’60s and the independent movies of the ’90s.”

You can find the preview and poster below:

7/18 – Worcester MA – Cinema-Worcester Park View Room

7/19 – Kansas City, MO – Street Cat Film Center

7/30 – Sacramento, CA – Dreamland Cinema

8/21 – Philadelphia – Bryn Mawr Film Center

8/22 – Los Angeles, CA – EVIL EYE!

9/19 – Hartford, CT – Cinema Studio