Il Bisonte Salina Card Case Editor Tested and Reviewed 2024: Why It’s Worth It

Il Bisonte Salina Card Case Editor Tested and Reviewed 2024: Why It’s Worth It

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A few years ago, Hulu star actor Jeremy Allen White said, Bearshared meeting maker of the folder he’s used for years to store his scripts. “Il Bisonte,” he said. “They work in leather. They also make bags and things like that.”

To say Il Bisonte makes bags is to say Mercedes is involved in automobiles. Founded more than 50 years ago, the Florence brand is synonymous with leather goods, but it was perhaps best known in the United States for women’s handbags in the 1980s. Allen, unwittingly and, more importantly, without being paid to do so, introduced the brand to a whole new generation of shoppers.Scenario Connector,” as it’s officially called, quickly sold out on Il Bisonte’s site. The brand is making it in limited quantities, and Allen’s ad has outpaced the company’s own current supply. It’s still not available in Allen’s preferred tan color, but a black version is selling for $495.

Allen is that rare thing, a true fan who is not an ambassador through a sponsorship deal, but a celebrity. As it happens, so am I. So not an ambassador, or even a celebrity, but an Il Bisonte believer. Especially his Salina Card Holder.

For many years I was attached to Dior’s slim men’s wallet. However, not for the first time, I lost it and went shopping for a new one while traveling on business in Florence. Il Bisonte was founded there in 1970 Wanny DiFilippoA stylishly dressed woman who has attracted a lot of attention in Japan (where Il Bisonte is big business) and perhaps one of the most basic names. Pitti Peacocks. Di Filippo makes his accessories in the Tuscan town of Pontassieve, and his range caters to men, women and, most recently, the home. As I browsed the wares in Il Bisonte’s first boutique, which opened in 1973 on Via Del Parione in Palazzo Corsini, I saw the wallet I was looking for. But it wasn’t a wallet. It was Salina.

Il Bisonte Salina Card Box

The virtue of a cardholder is its size. It’s not designed to carry all your stuff, but it’s designed to hold the essentials, your ID and credit cards, and maybe a few bills. In the age of Apple Pay, it’s a miracle I carry cash with me. Il Bisonte’s is perfect. It’s slim, functional, and discreet. It has no frills or flashy branding. The brand’s understated logo, a mischievous bison, is blended with supple vegetable-tanned cowhide that gets even more beautiful with use. Mine is brown, but it’s available in a variety of colors.

Now, I’m not the first person to discover Il Bisonte by chance. Ralph Lauren was visiting Florence. I went to the original store In the early days, Allen was introduced to the brand by another actor, Gary Oldman, who gifted him a folder of scripts. Nowadays, you don’t have to be filming in Tuscany or even summering in Italy to try Il Bisonte products. They’re available worldwide on e-commerce and in brick-and-mortar stores, including about 50 in Japan and a New York City flagship that opened in 1987, before Allen was even born.

Il Bisonte Il Bisonte Men’s Oriuolo Leather Bi-Fold Card Holder
Credit: Neiman Marcus

Il Bisonte Script Binder Color Sepia
Credit: Il Bisonte

Il Bisonte Il Bisonte Men’s Leather Messenger Bag – Dark Brown
Credit: Saks Fifth Avenue

Il Bisonte Men’s Canvas-Leather Travel Duffle Bag
Credit: Bergdorf Goodman

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