New community market opens in St. George City; expected to benefit families in need

New community market opens in St. George City; expected to benefit families in need

ST. GEORGE, La. (BRPROUD) — The St. George Fire Department and other agencies are stepping up to serve the community and have opened a unique resource center called With Love, Community Essentials Market to help families.

The market is located behind the St. George Fire Department. It is open two days a month, on holidays, and during community events.

The center is unique in that it aims to provide families with basic necessities. Products are purchased with stamps, and each stamp equals three items to shop for.

“Community members earn stamps by attending safety and health courses and participating in community events,” said Crystal Pichon, Community Relations Director for the St. George Fire Department.

Angela King, a parent living in East Baton Rouge, was at the center and stressed that the market is poised to make an impact.

“This is very, very helpful not only for low-income families, but also for families who have jobs, who can get most of what they need, but still need a little extra help,” King said.

In addition to support from the fire department, Safety Place and the Louisiana Firefighters Foundation, the market also works with local agencies and nonprofits that allow people to earn stamps through them.

“We don’t want people to feel like they’re always on the receiving end. We want to give them opportunities and resources. We want to give them a helping hand, not a helping hand,” Pichon said.

Up for grabs are baby supplies, kids’ clothing, lunch boxes, and household essentials. All items are new and gently used.

Pinchon hopes people will not only take advantage of the community market, but also donate any new and gently used items they may have. Donations can be dropped off while the market is open, and items can be picked up after stamps are earned through workshops.

The market opening dates, when the workshops will take place and how to register can be found on the following Facebook pages: St. George Fire Department, Safe Place And Louisiana Firefighters Foundation.

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