Best Amazon Echo device deals July 2024

Best Amazon Echo device deals July 2024

Amazon’s lineup of Echo smart speakers and displays have changed how we interact with technology at home.

Find answers to your questions, switch on the lights and stream your favourite song – you don’t need to reach for your phone, you just need to tell the device what you want using the wake word “Alexa”.

Whether you’re looking for something powerful to use in the living room or a tiny bedside companion to set alarms and see the time, Amazon has a gadget that will suit you. That’s why Echo devices make up some of the best smart speakers in the world.

Amazon Prime Day is taking place on July 16 and 17, 2024. During the sale, we’re expecting plenty of promotional offers on Amazon’s own-brand devices like Kindles, Fire tablets, Fire TV sets and Fire TV Stick and Cubes, as well as its services like Audible, Amazon Music Unlimited and Kindle Unlimited. But Echo devices tend to get some of the biggest price cuts during the event.

Amazon Echo device deals

We’ve compiled a list of the best deals on each of the various Echo devices, including the Echo Pop, Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Studio and all of the Echo Show smart displays. Our last price check was on July 10, 2024.

Best Amazon Echo Pop deals

Amazon Echo Pop | Midnight Teal

The Amazon Echo Pop is a new Echo device launched in summer 2023. It’s one of the smallest smart speakers Amazon offers and is perfect for a bedroom or small office.

It is currently available to buy for £44.99.

Amazon Echo Dot (5th generation) deals

Amazon Echo Dot (5th generation, 2022 release)

Launched in October 2022, the Echo Dot (5th gen) has slightly better sound quality, a more minimalist design and a few extra features than the Echo Pop.

Right now, the Echo Dot is selling for its RRP of £54.99. Although on Black Friday 2023, the Echo Dot was priced at only £21.99, the lowest we’ve seen to date (and matching its Amazon Prime Day 2023 sales price).

Echo Dot with clock

The Echo Dot with Clock (5th gen) is the same as the Echo Dot but also features an LED display that can show the time, so it’ll be an excellent little alarm clock.

It’s selling for £64.99. You can sometimes pick up this smart speaker at a cheaper price. Its Spring Sale price was £29.99, and that’s the lowest pricing we’ve seen.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Deals

Amazon Echo Dot Kids (5th gen, 2022 release) with Owl design

The idea of ​​the Amazon Echo Dot Kids smart speaker is that children can ask Alexa questions, get help with their homework, play music, call approved friends and family, and listen to child-friendly audiobooks with the Amazon Kids+ 12-month subscription that’s included with new purchases.

The speaker has two designs to choose from: an owl and a dragon.

The Amazon Echo Dot Kids 5th generation smart speaker has an RRP of £64.99.

You can get Amazon Kids+ for your other devices too, it’ll cost:

  • £3.99 per month for Prime members | £6.99 for non-Prime members
  • £38 per year for Prime members | £68 per year for non-Prime members

We advise you to supervise and review the Amazon Kids+ content yourself before leaving your kids alone to browse, but Amazon claims that no purchases can be made without parental approval.

You can also set time limits and lockout non-educational features until learning requirements have been met. Additionally, Amazon has signed up many partners, including CBeebies, Warners, Disney, LEGO – and even Hello Kitty!

Amazon Echo (4th generation) deals

Echo (4th generation)

If you need a home speaker for a communal space like your kitchen or living room, the Amazon Echo is a top choice. It’s currently listed at its RRP of £109.99.

The Echo reached its all-time low price of £49.99 during Amazon’s Prime Day and Prime Big Deal Days events in 2023.

Amazon Echo Studio deals

Amazon Echo Studio

The Amazon Echo Studio is the biggest and most powerful Echo speaker to date. If you plan to do a lot of fun, then this is the device you should buy.

As things stand, the Echo Studio is on sale for its RRP of £219.99. The speaker’s Black Friday sale price was £164.99, its lowest of the year via Amazon. You can also buy a refurbished Echo Studio for around £200.

Amazon Echo Spot deals

Echo Spot (2024 release)

Amazon’s latest smart speaker, the Echo Spot, doubles up as an alarm clock with a gradual lighting display that can be customized to suit the room it’s in.

It’s listed as £79.99, but right now Prime members can get £30 off the speaker in an early Prime Day deal. That takes the price down to just £49.99. This offer is running while stocks last or until July 17, whichever lands first.

Amazon Echo Show 5 deals

All-new Echo Show 5 (3rd generation)

The smallest smart display Amazon has is the Echo Show 5. It fits neatly onto any bedside table and you’ll be able to use it as a digital photo frame as well as an Alexa smart hub.

The 2023 edition of the Echo Show 5 (the 3rd generation device) costs £89.99 today.

This cutting-edge smart display has dropped to as little as £44.99 during Black Friday Week, Amazon Prime Day and Prime Big Deal Days.

Echo Show 5 (3rd generation) Kids

The Echo Show (3rd gen) Kids The device, with its Galaxy starfield-patterned outer shell, retails slightly higher at £99.99. If you buy it right now, it’ll only cost £59.99 which is its lowest-ever price.

Amazon Echo Show 8 deals

Echo Show 8 | 3rd gen (2023 edition)

The Echo Show 8 (3rd Gen) is the latest iteration of Amazon’s 8-inch smart home hub, offering an impressive feature set including an HD touchscreen, spatial audio, and, of course, onboard Alexa. It has an RRP of £149.99.

Amazon just launched the third generation of the Echo Show 8 on October 25, 2023, and yet we’ve seen this shiny new smart display on sale for just £99.99. That’s the cheapest it has ever been!

Amazon Echo Show 10 deals

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation)

The third generation Echo Show 10 debuted in 2020 as a hub for your living room or kitchen. It has a powerful speaker and motion detection so the screen can follow you around the room.

The Amazon Echo Show 10 has an RRP of £259.99. It’s always worth looking out for significant price drops on the Echo Show 10 during sale periods, as we discovered during Black Fridays 2022 (£169.99) and 2023 (£184.99).

Amazon Echo Show 15 deals

Amazon Echo Show 15 + Remote | Full HD 15.6

The flagship Amazon Echo Show 15 launched in December 2021 and is designed to sit at the center of your home for everyone to use of. Of Digital Spy‘s Echo Show 15 review, we described it as being a top choice for living rooms and kitchens.

The Echo Show 15 is usually sold as a bundle with an Alexa Voice Remote for £279.99. During Black Friday 2023, it had an outstanding deal price of £209.99.

Amazon Echo devices explained: Echo Flex, Echo Dot, Echo Pop, Echo Studio and Echo Show

Amazon smart speaker devices come in various sizes and prices, all with built-in AI assistant Alexa. The Echo Pop is the smallest and most basic version, while the Echo Studio is a high-end speaker aimed at music fans.

All Amazon Echo devices come with the Alexa voice assistant and can make to-do lists, set timers and deliver weather, travel and news updates. Of course, you can also stream music, play podcasts and use it as a hub for remotely controlling other smart items in your home.

The Amazon Echo Dot is a mini speaker spin-off from the retailer original Amazon Echo. The first three generations of the Echo Dot were small, hockey-puck-sized alternatives to the full-size speaker.

However, after the Echo Dot 3rd generationthe Echo Dot 4th generation and the Echo Dot 5th generation abandoned the previous design for a spherical speaker up to 8.9cm tall. In 2023, Amazon launched a new half-sphere speaker, the Echo Pop, which looks like an Echo Dot sliced ​​in half.

At the premium end of the Echo spectrum, the Echo Studio is a high-end speaker aimed at music fans. Meanwhile, the most affordable Echo Flex has been discontinued.

Then, finally, there are the Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8, Echo Show 10 and Echo Show 15. These are essentially Alexa-enabled smart displays with touchscreens, cameras and many of the functions listed above. You can use them for streaming, video calls and even as a smart recipe book using the Cooking Library function.

It’s also worth making an honourable mention of Amazon’s Echo Buds (2nd gen)which, as the name suggests, are wireless headphones with Alexa voice technology built in.

They come with five hours of battery life, which is boosted to 15 hours by charging via their protective case. They’re also compatible with iOS and Android.

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