Listen to the Australian Art Music playlist: July 2024: New Releases

Listen to the Australian Art Music playlist: July 2024: New Releases

Welcome to the Australian Art Music playlist! A monthly playlist of classical, jazz, experimental and electronic music focusing on contemporary Australian composers, musicians and sound artists.

It’s been a while since we’ve checked out all the latest releases in Classical, Jazz and Sound Art. It’s exciting to see the continuing impact of ABC Classic and Jazz’s Commissioning Fund, as well as the hard work of independent labels like Room 40 and the ongoing series of music being created for Hush.

Similarly, it’s great when local music is performed and recorded by international artists and bands, or supported by international labels. These interconnected networks of passionate and talented people are what keep the art form alive.

If I missed your last post, feel free to share (email is best) and I’ll keep it in mind for my future playlists.

If you still want more music to explore I always recommend: Australian Art Music Archive, With all 1,407 previously featured tracks (nearly 140 hours of music) and our new community listening project: 1,000 Curious Ears – this playlist is available in the June issue Here and on Community Facebook group.

Until next month, we hope you will be surprised and delighted by the innovations.

Song list

  1. Mother tongue By Hamad Sadeghi
  2. Blowing from the North from Goal By Leah Blankendaal | Performed by Luminescence Chamber Singers, conductor Roland Peelman
  3. Joy of Spring from Four Seasons Impressions By Ray Lin | Voiced by Ray Lin, Ziwei Wang, Yuren (Cara) Shen, Daniel Shearer, Yizheng (Sean) Cai, and Anna Kho
  4. Flying, Falling by Elliot Lamb
  5. Cirrus By Aaron Wyatt | Performed by Collective Footprints
  6. The waves By Ross McHenry
  7. Homage to Samuel Coleridge-Taylor from Two Mende Melodies By Tonya Lemoh
  8. Ritual Burning By Sandy Evans | Voiced by Sandy Evans, Brett Hirst and Toby Hall
  9. I’ve Been Living Here For A Long Time By Deborah Cheetham Fraillon | Performed by Collective Footprints
  10. Funeral Ceremony Without Music from Songs of Sadness By Anne Cawrse | Voiced by Kyle Stegall and Bomi Kim
  11. The Future for Some from Sinking cities By Rafael Karlen | Performed by Camerata – Queensland Chamber Orchestra, The Australian Voices, conductor John Rotar
  12. Twilight Wave By Akira Kosemura and Lawrence English
  13. Grey Waves By Aurora Hentunen and Linda May Han Oh
  14. Shining Scales by Flora Wong
  15. A Grey Look By Meredith Connie
  16. Paralysis Coils from Finding Love By The Emerald Ruby | Performed by The Emerald Ruby and Sally Walker
  17. Allegro from Piccolo Concerto By Michael Easton | Frederick Shade, performed by Academy of Melbourne, produced by Brett Kelly
  18. Mulberry Tree Island from Spirit of Banana Shire By Alexandra Mison | Performed by Camerata – Queensland Chamber Orchestra
  19. Curse (Dual Version)) By Fiona Joy Hawkins and Rebecca Daniel
  20. Hera By Michelle Smith | Voiced by Turiya
  21. Drifting, Waterfall from Suite By Jane Stanley; Jacqueline Shave; Simon Smith | Voiced by Jacqueline Shave and Simon Smith
  22. Bardju By Brenda Gifford; Collective Footprints | Performed by Collective Footprints
  23. The Madonna Who Waited by Nat Bartsch
  24. From Hydrangeas to Skyscrapers By JWPaton

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