Kevin Costner’s ‘Horizon 2’ movie no longer has a release date after ‘One’ flops at the box office

Kevin Costner’s ‘Horizon 2’ movie no longer has a release date after ‘One’ flops at the box office

There’s no longer a release date on the horizon for Kevin Costner’s new movie.

“Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter Two,” the first of three sequels to Costner’s ambitious new Western that opened last month and flopped at the box office, has been pulled from the August schedule.

The sequel, which the former “Yellowstone” star wrote, directed and stars in, now has no release date.

“Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter Two,” written, directed by and starring Kevin Costner, will no longer be released in August. APPLICATION

“Part Two” was supposed to be released on August 16, just a few weeks after the first installment, but critics hated the Civil War-era epic “Part One,” which had a splashy premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Post called the $100 million film, on which Costner spent about $38 million of his own money, “an embarrassing, poorly told mess” in a one-star review.

The commentary read: “I can’t fathom wasting another 540 minutes of this inflated ego gratification.”

Audiences were not much more generous. In its first two weeks, “Horizon” grossed just $23 million.

The series is distributed by Warner Bros.’ New Line Cinema.

“Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter One” has grossed just $23 million so far. APPLICATION

“Territory Pictures and New Line Cinema have decided not to release ‘Horizon: Chapter 2’ on August 16 to give audiences more opportunities to discover the first episode of ‘Horizon,’ including on PVOD and Max in the coming weeks,” a New Line spokesperson said. He told Variety.

“We would like to thank our exhibition partners for their continued support in helping moviegoers discover film in theaters across the United States.”

“Episode Three” is currently in production.

Costner is expected to put up $100 million of his own money to fund the expensive passion project.