Daniel Ricciardo Hopes ‘Major Hole’ In Car To Be Associated With Performance Drop

Daniel Ricciardo Hopes ‘Major Hole’ In Car To Be Associated With Performance Drop

VCARB driver Daniel Ricciardo was hoping for a ‘big gap’ in his VCARB01 F1 car to blame for recent performance setbacks. The Australian driver revealed the team may have ‘failed to pick up’ on a problem that could have negatively impacted his recent race results.

Ricciardo believes his car simply lacked pace during the British Grand Prix, noting that even Logan Sargeant’s Williams FW46 showed superior pace when passing him. This difference highlights the ongoing difficulties for Ricciardo, who has been frequently outpaced by teammate Yuki Tsunoda throughout the season.

The 35-year-old started 15th at Silverstone but finished outside the points in 13th. Tsunoda, on the other hand, started 13th and finished 10th, earning a point. Hoping his team will find a way to fix his lack of pace, Ricciardo said: media:

“I hope there’s a big hole in my car that I haven’t seen yet and that’s why we’re so slow.

“To be honest, as a team, we’re definitely struggling here. When I looked at Williams at the last minute on that post, Sargeant got away from me and I believe (Alex) Albon came and passed Tsunoda.

“Yuki took a point, he did well, but I think as a team we were not very competitive this weekend.”

Hinting that his team may be missing something, he added:

“My engineer asked me where, what am I missing? What do I need? And I said I felt like the balance and everything was actually good, we just lacked load.

“So when I heard the other guys’ lap times I was quite confused because I did the lap and it felt pretty clean – a few little things, but it wasn’t bad.

“I was close to the potential of the car and at the time I thought, I don’t really have an answer right now.

“Watching the other cars in front, I felt that their higher speeds could open up a bit more of a gap. Probably the explanation is that we are a bit short on load.

“Downforce is king, but I still think there are things we are missing, or my assumption is that we are missing something, just with our car and how we optimise it.

“Looking forward we should make things better but with what we have right now… we’re probably still in the setup phase, maybe there’s a few things that me and the team haven’t quite grasped.”