Hannah Berner Netflix Comedy Special

Hannah Berner Netflix Comedy Special

The so-called funny girl, Hannah BernerShe left Summer House after Season 3, but now she has her own Netflix comedy special. The former semi-pro tennis player burned a few bridges, especially after she and her now-husband Des Bishop got together in Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s master bathroom. Hannah didn’t seem too fussed about how she left the show or how everyone except Giggly Squad co-host Paige DeSorbo didn’t like her. Then, Hannah turned her sour lemon into lemonade and jumped headfirst into being a comedian. So what was her Netflix comedy special, We Ride at Dawn , like? Keep reading to find out!

The plot of Hannah Berner’s Netflix comedy special

The entire comedy special ran 50 minutes in total. The narrator asked, “Gigglers, are you ready?” And I can confidently answer, “No, I wasn’t.” When Hannah emerged in a tan two-piece set, she immediately dropped to the floor to do the worm. If this was the caliber of jokes for me, I was already worried.

Hannah greeted the Philadelphia crowd by calling them “Hoagie Hoes,” and the crowd seemed to embrace the new moniker. At first, I felt like I was missing the joke. I wasn’t a fan of the constant swearing or overtly sexual language. And there was a lot of sex talk. Between the “overgrown pussy” and “limp penis” issues, it was way over my head and I really wanted to get my mind off it.

I expected Hannah to be funny on her own, and not just because she said “f*ck.” The premise of the comedy special revolved around mental health, her aging husband, unrealistic sex scenes in movies, and other vitriolic commentary on popular culture. She described her sense of humor as “women’s locker room,” which can be translated as risqué.

Hannah started by talking about getting older and being 32. The former reality TV star went on to comment on what she’s expected to do to stay young. “If you’re not fucking your face with a jade roller. Or pulling collagen lines. If you’re not doing Pilates, which is BDSM. If you’re not putting snail slime and snail semen on your face,” she explained. She then concluded the joke by saying that if you don’t follow those rules, you start looking like Joe Biden. Well, there you go.

Hannah tickled my funny bone

I’ll admit I laughed out loud at the part where she said it was “unavoidable.” She was commenting on how ads make women feel unattractive, saying, “Men will never find you attractive again. And I was like, ‘That feels so peaceful.'”

Hannah’s joke about the water plot was pretty cute. She noted that girls “don’t want boyfriends.” “They want a Stanley Cup.” I felt personally victimized this entire episode because I definitely had a basic bitch white Stanley.

Hannah used her Netflix comedy special to ask questions that most women are probably thinking. Like, what’s in a Diet Coke? Why don’t we drink espresso martinis all the time? This was perhaps the funniest part of her special.

Could have been more original…

Hannah jumped into politics. She brought up important issues like abortion and gun laws. “Some people believe that you should never have an abortion, even if you’re bloated,” the comedian said. The mostly female room didn’t cheer or actually laugh. I cringed and was reminded so harshly that Roe vs. Wade was overturned. And that’s not funny.

Then he talked about gun laws and said, “You know how some people believe guns don’t kill people? People kill people.” I immediately went back to watching Happy Gilmore, where the bad guy had the same sentiment written on his shirt.

Hannah took the all-too-common Lifetime tack and said that women have good reasons for what they do. It was like a modern-day Lorena Bobbit joke.

Hannah Berner’s Netflix comedy special review: Final verdict

Would I choose to watch Hannah again? Probably not. But I can see how some people find her funny. She uses cutesy voices and embraces silly girl theories of girl math. I wish she would draw her comedy from her own life experiences.

Personally, I find the crude, sexual humor not funny enough for a 50-minute special. And I can’t understand why he talks about “queefing,” “disrupting the hymen,” and “penis with needles” for 10 minutes.

A lot of his jokes were a mashup of things I felt like I’d heard before. I finished the special not knowing its target audience, but I knew it wasn’t me.

You can watch Journey to Dawn by Hannah Berner On Netflix – and decide for yourself!