Kick offers “bounties” for hunting and rewarding streamers

Kick offers “bounties” for hunting and rewarding streamers

Jeremy Gan

Kick introduced a “bounty” system for broadcasters to earn rewards by completing objectives on-air.

Kick has been dominating the streaming industry over the last few years, landing some major deals on the platform, but it has also been inundated with controversial moves from many publishers.

Despite all this, Kick continues to innovate and this time launches a new product Kick Bounties system This encourages broadcasters to do a good job during the broadcast.

“Rewards” that streamers can complete include tasks like broadcasting from a GameBoy Camera, getting a Solo Victory Royale in Squads in Fortnite, or defeating the Ender Dragon in Hardcore in Minecraft.

The first bounties given out by Kick were on June 5th, and they were all related to Destiny 2 or Elden Ring. Considering that expansions for both games had already been released around that time, they were all pretty well-received.

Apparently this was the first test run and now Kick has the program running full steam ahead. According to the Kick Communities page, the longer a reward remains unclaimed on the board, the more rewards will increase over time. So far, the rewards have been gifted subscriptions and the maximum amount is 50.

However, these rewards are currently only available to streamers, with a public VOD and clip of you completing the reward tweet being offered in response. According to the site, there are plans for “viewer” and “global” rewards in the future.

Of course, things like bugs, mods, or exploits are prohibited (unless stated) and any rule violations may result in disqualification.

To submit your application for the reward, you will need to reply to KickCommunity’s Twitter post about the reward with your application, and the first person to reply will be eligible to claim the reward.