RIVA Exhaust Upgrades Deliver Game-Changing Improvements for Speed ​​and Performance – The Watercraft Journal

RIVA Exhaust Upgrades Deliver Game-Changing Improvements for Speed ​​and Performance – The Watercraft Journal

When you think about improving the performance of your PWC, especially when it fuels the “need for speed”, there are a number of upgrades that automatically come to mind:

Reprogrammed ECUs pave the way for increased power, propeller upgrades provide responsive acceleration and improved handling, skid plate upgrades and tuning can be game-changers for speed and cornering, and of course an air intake upgrade will give your engine the air it needs for improved speed and performance.

And while upgrading your PWC’s exhaust system might not be at the top of many “increase your mileage” tip lists… those in the know will tell you without hesitation that there are significant potential performance gains hidden in the often-overlooked exhaust system.

Increased engine performance, improved airflow, additional torque and horsepower, better fuel economy – upgrading your exhaust system can achieve all of these by providing better airflow and thus increasing engine output.

Let’s be honest, many PWC riders who do exhaust upgrades, in addition to increased performance, are also after tone, as exhaust upgrades often come with a throaty roar that stock systems can never match.

When you decide to take advantage of the performance boost of an upgraded exhaust system for your PWC, there are few companies in the industry that can offer such a wide range and quality of options. RIVA Racing.

With a wide range of USA made performance exhaust upgrades for Yamaha, Sea-Doo and Kawasaki. Split between 2-stroke and 4-stroke exhaust offerings, RIVA has this backside of PWC performance covered.


On the 4-stroke side, RIVA carries the industry in exhaust system upgrades, water boxes, exhaust couplers and outlets, and O2 sensors and a host of exhaust products. free flow exhaust kits And rear exhaust kits Offering both performance and cutting-edge style.

For example this RIVA Yamaha 2019+ FX Rear Exhaust Kit It removes the restrictive sound suppression system located between the water box and the body outlet, improving engine performance by reducing back pressure and restriction. The kit includes a mandrel bent aluminum exhaust pipe that is powder coated to prevent corrosion, a large billet body-through exhaust outlet, a billet OEM exhaust outlet blocker, and high-temp silicone fittings, along with all necessary mounting hardware and installation instructions – and is available in black, blue, or red anodizing – all for $439.95.

This is the Sea-Doo 2020 RXP and 2020+ RXT/GTX/GTR/GTI Free Flow Exhaust Kit Moreover replaces the restrictive sound suppression system located between the water box and the body outlet on your watercraft and improves engine performance by reducing back pressure and harmful detonation. Includes mandrel bent aluminum tubing with powder coating to prevent corrosion, high temperature silicone replacement fitting and installation instructions – all for $214.95.

There are also dual exhaust kits available for the Sea-Doo, as detailed below. informative videoCompatible with PWC’s factory water box or RIVA Pro Series water box.

Moving on to the 2-stroke side, RIVA manufactures free-flow exhaust kits as well as water boxes, exhaust outlets, flow control valves, exhaust couplings and outlets, and exhaust systems.

For example this RIVA Yamaha GP1300R Free Flow Exhaust Kit with Easy installation without cutting the hosesor $161.95 and this RIVA Yamaha GP1200R/800R Free Flow Exhaust Kit is only $64.95replaces restrictive sound suppression systems and provides reduced back pressure, improving engine performance and reducing harmful detonation. It features easy installation, delivers noticeable results and is IJSBA Superstock legal.

Plus, you get free shipping on all orders over $150 in the US.

Be sure to visit the RIVA webpage for more Exhaust upgrades, kits, systems and parts.