Lynn Haven holds community meeting to gather feedback on new development plans

Lynn Haven holds community meeting to gather feedback on new development plans

LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — Lynn Haven city commissioners are considering a request for a new single-family home project.

The developer wants to build dozens of units in Bedford Park Townhomes off East 26th Street.
but not everyone is happy with it.

Community members gathered at Lynn Haven town hall Wednesday evening for a workshop meeting about single-family homes in Bedford.

Developers propose 154 apartments off East 26th Street and east of Minnesota Avenue.
But some residents say the development will cause a host of problems.

“Stormwater was an issue. I think traffic is really a bigger issue here, to be honest. There’s very little engineering you can do for stormwater. We live in Florida. We get a lot of rain and high water,” said local resident Ryan Scray.

Others noted that Mosley High School and Bay Haven Charter School are nearby, causing additional traffic congestion during the school year.

Lynn Haven commissioners recommended a traffic study be conducted when schools open in the fall to get a clear picture of how traffic will be affected.

“Since traffic is like a triangle between the schools in the district and the city, we cannot alleviate or reduce all of the traffic issues that are experienced, but we will do our best to reduce the burden of traffic that will be created in that area if this development order goes ahead,” Lynn Haven Mayor Jesse Nelson said.

Residents are also concerned about the intersection of East 26th Street and North East Boulevard.
City traffic engineers recommend a turn lane for the intersection.

“I’ve been there. You know, I have a bigger truck and I have a hard time making the turn onto 26 on 389. It’s hard to see. It’s a hot spot and I’m afraid there’s going to be more traffic accidents and potential deaths if it’s not developed enough,” Scray said.