DJ Akademiks Predicts Sketch’s Career Boost After Coming Out as Gay

DJ Akademiks Predicts Sketch’s Career Boost After Coming Out as Gay

Twitch personality and music commentator DJ Akademiks has weighed in on Sketch’s recent OnlyFans controversy, suggesting that Sketch’s admission to being gay could positively impact his career. Sketch, a prominent streamer, became a focal point of discussion after explicit images from his past resurfaced on social media on July 7, 2024.

The controversy ignited when Sketch acknowledged his involvement in sexual activities with another man, following widespread support from notable figures in the Twitch and YouTube communities. While many accepted his explanation, a fraction of the online audience criticized him for his attempt to conceal his past.

One of Sketch’s critics, BruceDropEmOff, emphasized that the issue was not Sketch’s sexuality but his decision to rebrand and remain silent about his OnlyFans activities until the scandal broke. Despite this criticism, DJ Akademiks offered a different perspective, claiming that Sketch’s career would benefit from the revelation.

“To be honest, I don’t know Sketch, I don’t watch his content, and I have no issues with him,” DJ Akademiks commented. “But let’s be real, this controversy is an upgrade for his career. People need to stop acting like it’s the 80s or 90s. In today’s world, making derogatory comments about gay individuals leads to backlash and bans.”

DJ Akademiks further highlighted the racial dynamics within the streaming community, suggesting that Sketch’s identity as a gay white streamer might even be advantageous. “I don’t think he’ll face judgment; his career is likely to rise. He it’s actually profitable to be a gay streamer today. A gay white streamer? That’s another level. If he were a gay black streamer, the conversation might be different.”

Sketch’s revelations have sparked various reactions within the Twitch community. The Madden streamer, who admitted to running an OnlyFans account where he engaged in sexual acts with men, faced a mixed response. While some speculated that his fanbase might reject him, others, including several high-profile streamers, have shown their support. DJ Akademiks, however, stands firm in his belief that the controversy will boost Sketch’s career.

On July 10, DJ Akademiks shared his thoughts on the situation, asserting that Sketch should embrace the controversy. “You just got an upgrade on your career,” he stated, pointing out the cultural shift towards greater acceptance of LGBTQ+ identities. “Making derogatory remarks about gay people gets you banned nowadays. Sketch won’t be judged; his career will likely thrive.”

DJ Akademiks went as far as to joke about coming out himself if he were a white streamer, emphasizing the potential career benefits. “I’d lie about being gay if I were in his shoes. Someone should tell Sketch that being gay is a win. He’s reached a new level.”

The sketch, reflecting on the situation, revealed his initial thoughts of quitting. “Honestly, my plan was to call him quits if this ever came out,” he confessed, mentioning that he had even considered taking his own life. The support from his family and fellow streamers, including FaZe Banks, played a crucial role in his decision to continue streaming.

As the controversy continues to unfold, only time will reveal whether DJ Akademiks’ prediction will hold true. However, the Sketch remains determined to be carried on, encouraged by his supporters.

“That’s the new gangsta, being gay,” DJ Akademiks concluded, praising Sketch for turning a potential scandal into an opportunity. “Sketch, you just leveled up. Congratulations, my dude.”

Despite the mixed reactions, Sketch has received considerable support from other prominent figures in the streaming world, including FaZe Banks, Tfue, and Kai Cenat. However, he also faces criticism from personalities like Sneako, whose comments have been deemed offensive by many.

In summary, while the fallout from Sketch’s past OnlyFans content continues, DJ Akademiks’ perspective provides an optimistic outlook on the potential career boost for the streamer, highlighting the evolving dynamics of the streaming industry in 2024.

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