The Evolution of Modern Cars: How Over-the-Air Software Updates Are Transforming the Automotive Industry with Ease and Challenge

The Evolution of Modern Cars: How Over-the-Air Software Updates Are Transforming the Automotive Industry with Ease and Challenge

The modern automobile is transforming. Cars are shedding their purely mechanical appearance and turning into complex computers on wheels.

This newfound digital capability brings a wave of convenience and adaptability. Many vehicle issues and performance improvements can now be addressed remotely via software updates.

Remember the frustration of scheduling a trip to the dealership just to update your vehicle’s GPS? Those days are behind us thanks to the power of the internet. With a simple Wi-Fi connection or mobile data, your vehicle can download and install new instructions, and voila, you’re the proud owner of an upgraded vehicle!

However, software updates do have their potential downsides. In rare cases, they can cause unforeseen glitches. But don’t worry, there’s almost always a solution available to keep your car up to date.

Technological advances in cars provide undeniable benefits, but they can also lead to unexpected situations for drivers who are not familiar with them. One such example occurred with the owner of a 2022 Ford Bronco. After a night out at the movies with their young family, they encountered a frustrating situation.

The Evolution of Modern Cars (Ford)

The key fob could not open the doors, leaving them temporarily stranded. Fortunately, just as in the past, a traditional metal key provided access.

But once inside, they discovered that the Bronco was undergoing a software update, which caused them to wait nearly an hour for the process to complete. This unexpected delay, combined with a restless child, turned a simple trip into a minor ordeal.

While waiting for their car to update, the three friends chose to walk home, ignoring the infotainment system’s warnings not to touch the doors during the process. Fortunately, they were still able to lock the car.

Interestingly, the Bronco’s system offered more update checks than they realized. A “Schedule Updates” option hidden in the Settings menu allowed them to choose a specific time for installation.

This is reminiscent of early Windows updates, which were notorious for interrupting users at the most inconvenient moments. Back then, it was inevitable that you would lose your progress or have your fun cut short.

Thankfully, Microsoft eventually agreed and gave users more control over updates. Perhaps automakers should consider a similar approach. Instead of pushing updates instantly, a default option to schedule or delay them would be more user-friendly. Not everyone has the patience to decipher cumbersome manuals or keep up with every technological innovation.