Porsche plans to replace internal combustion models with electric versions

Porsche plans to replace internal combustion models with electric versions

Aiming to catch up with trends in the automotive market, Porsche plans to replace some of its currently popular internal combustion engine cars with electric models.

And there are already two candidates in the crosshairs: the Boxster and the Cayman. At least, that’s what a board member of the automaker said. Also, the Macan’s internal combustion engine will be discontinued. So, only the electric version of the SUV will remain.

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Information from Reuters.

Porsche is planning a 100% electric future for the brand – Image: Veyron Photo/Shutterstock

Porsche and electric cars

Porsche launched its first fully electric car, the Taycan, in 2019. By 2021, it had become the company’s best-selling model in Europe.

Porsche’s electric vehicle sales more than doubled in 2021, with nearly 42,300 units sold.

The automaker is launching four new models this year, the brand’s highest annual number. In addition to the new Taycan, Porsche will also launch new 911 and Panamera models. But the most important one is likely to be the new electric Macan.

Porsche product manager Albrecht Reimold told Automobilwoche in an interview that the automaker “will achieve our goals as planned.” Porsche is producing the latest internal combustion engine generation of the Macan for Europe, with a focus on the electric model, Reimbold said.

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Porsche to be “fully committed to electric Macan” in Europe from mid-2026. Reimbold confident of Macan success with “five-figure” orders

Planning many new models in the coming years, Porsche aims to prepare its brand for the future by accelerating its transition to electric vehicles.

Porsche accelerates electric powertrain transition – Image: BoJack/Shutterstock