Wireshark 4.2.6 Released – What’s New!

Wireshark 4.2.6 Released – What’s New!

The Wireshark development team recently announced the release of Wireshark version 4.2.6 of its popular network protocol analyzer. Part of the 4.2.x series, this latest update brings important security patches and fixes several bugs, improving the overall stability and security of the software.

Wireshark is a well-known open source network protocol analyzer that allows users to view and record real-time network data.

New version addresses a major security issue in SPRT Dissector Crash (wnpa-sec-2024-10)

The SPRT dissector crash identified as wnpa-sec-2024-10 was reported on July 10, 2024. The vulnerability affects Wireshark versions 4.2.0 to 4.2.5 and 4.0.0 to 4.0.16. The issue is documented in Wireshark issue 19559.

The vulnerability involves the SPRT parser, which could cause Wireshark to crash when processing a malformed packet. This crash could be caused by injecting a malformed packet into the network or by having someone open a malformed packet trace file.

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The primary risk is that an attacker could exploit this vulnerability to crash Wireshark and disrupt network analysis and diagnostics.

Important Bug Fixes

Wireshark 4.2.6 also fixes several bugs, including:

  • Fixes to SOME/IP parser
  • Improvements to QUIC TLS decryption process
  • Resolving issues with the SCTP INIT fragment
  • Fixes for MGCP allocator to prevent possible infinite loops

Wireshark 4.2.6 brings updated protocol support for the following:

DHCP, E.212, MySQL, NAS-5GS, PKT CCC, ProtoBuf, RADIUS, RLC-LTE, RTP, SIP, SPRT, Thrift and Wi-SUN

How to Upgrade Wireshark 4.2.6

Users can download Wireshark 4.2.6 from the official website. The development team strongly recommends all users to upgrade to this latest version to benefit from security improvements and bug fixes.

Full release notes are available at Wireshark Web site For those interested in the full list of changes including source code and installation packages.

“Most Linux and Unix vendors provide their own Wireshark packages. You can usually install or upgrade Wireshark using the package management system specific to that platform. A list of third-party packages can be found at: download page “On the Wireshark website.” Wireshark aforementioned.

This update underscores the Wireshark team’s commitment to maintaining the security and reliability of their software, which continues to be an essential tool for network administrators and security professionals worldwide.

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